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    A5 Sportback 1.4tfsi

    I had an a4 1.4 tfsi recently as a courtesy car and have to say I really didn't rate it. Coming from a 2009 2.0tfsi a5 I found the engine to be pretty awful if I'm honest. To me it had no guts on the motorway and was awful on any kind of incline. All of this may have been just about bearable if...
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    Fuel Question

    I use Tesco momentum in mine at all times. Not sure if it's a placebo effect or not but car 'feels better to me when using this and I definitely see an improvement in mpg on the same drives of 1-2mpg (on the screen) i know a lot of people will say that's unlikely by that's what the screen tells...
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    Aftermarket Tailpipe sources.

    Where did you get them from in the end mate?
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    Audi Oil & filter service - wow!

    I refuse to go to any dealers these days following a phone call with a Renault dealership a few years ago... was getting a price on a service for a megane rs. Handbook categorically stated that the warranty would be null and void if they could prove you had used anything other than fully...
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    Exhaust tips

    Just wondering if anyone has fitted any after market exhaust tips? Mine are just the steel ones and I don't think it gives the right finish to a nice car so looking for recommendations. They're going to be going on a 2009 2.0 tfsi quattro.
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    Exhaust tips

    Yeah there's actually no tips on there hence wanting to get some otherwise that's exactly what I wouldve done.
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    Exhaust tips

    Just wondering if anyone has bought any aftermarket tips. Mine doesn't have any at the moment and with the oil burning issue they are black as night so just want to add some chrome ones to give the car the look it should have.
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    A5/S5 Picture Thread

    How do I upload an image larger than 2mb?
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    2.0 TFSI Known Oil Consumption problem - 2015 ongoing thread (2009-2011 models)

    Just following along with this I got my car back last Thursday (finally) and have done approx 300 miles in it. Checked the mmi today (I know this isn't an 100% accurate measure) but the oil level is showing at about 1/4 of the way down. Surely this can't be right already? I didn't think to check...
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    Roof bars

    Anyone ever fitted roof bars to an a5 coupe? Where do they go?
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    A5 ami port

    Can anyone tell me how I find out if my car has this and if it does where it will be? It's a 2009 a5 s line quattro. Has a CD multichanger in the glovebox where I believe the ami port would be but I can't spot it anywhere... not sure if I'm blind or stupid or both.
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    Tyre Pressure Suggestions

    Yeah I was running at the highest suggested pressure suggested on the door sticker but just felt the front tyres were scrubbing across the road at low speed. I've dropped them 1psi all around and that fixed the problem instantly car has much more bite straight away with no other changes but mpg...
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    Tyre Pressure Suggestions

    No particular reason. I've always found previously with other car companies that their recommended pressures are either way too hard (for economy) or way too low so just wondered if anyone had any experience. I've kind of gone by the stickers today but gone somewhere in the middle which actually...
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    Tyre Pressure Suggestions

    Can anyone suggest some tyre pressures for me. I'm running 255/35/19 on a 2009 2.0tfsi quattro with the sports suspension. I've got them quite high at the moment for economy but am noticing the front tyres scrubbing at low speeds so wondered if anyone has experience with tyre pressures and cam...
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    New to Audi

    So today I finally got the car back! It's taken ages and it turned out to be the first thing they thought it was but the part they got sent was faulty so having finally fitted another one all is now rosey! Looking forward to driving it a bit now and actually enjoying my car!
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    2.0 TFSI Known Oil Consumption problem - 2015 ongoing thread (2009-2011 models)

    Well mine got done 2 weeks ago and to say it's been stress free would be an absolute lie. Picked the car when they said it was ready only to find it wouldn't start properly and then when it did fire up there was an engine warning light. It's been in with them ever since with them throwing random...
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    New to Audi

    Getting very frustrated now another weekend gone without my car phone Cardiff audi today having been told i should have it back today and the part hasn't even arrived yet! They're hoping it will arrive tomorrow but at this point I'm not holding my breath that a) the part will arrive and b) it...
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    New to Audi

    So good news bad news. They now think they've traced it back to a faulty high pressure fuel pump bad news is it means another weekend without my car!