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    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Hit 150000 miles this morning.
  2. UisT4

    Possible to have 6 Disc Changer + AUX Connection?

    Checked my email and it was the model SKU919 I got, but you have to select Bluetooth option from the menu when ordering if you want to stream/call.
  3. UisT4

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Got my rear subframe finished yesterday, was pretty straightforward in the end and speed sensors were the only real casualty / expense. Was good to get underneath cleaned up and undersealed. Off to work for 5 weeks now so MOT when I'm home again...
  4. UisT4

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Car failed MOT the other day, bracket where the rear sway bar mounts is cracked. Wish I'd seen if before because I spent so much time getting the front suspension tidied up I didn't think there would be anything up with the rear. Also something to think about for those fitting beefier sway...
  5. UisT4

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Made a new handbrake cable bracket, original one had disintegrated. MOT tomorrow
  6. UisT4

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Drop links today, Lemforder ones which are same as original with Audi numbers ground off.
  7. UisT4

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    One new steering knuckle, two front wheel bearings, new brake hoses and new track rod ends. Coolant system next on the list, there is a small leak from rear coolant flange and think thermostat might be on the way out so might be good time to get that done too.
  8. UisT4

    can't find paint code!!

    Sticker was under the rear bench in my car, try there
  9. UisT4

    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4 Avant, the more the merrier.....

    Not a huge fan of roof boxes either but took the kids camping and its handy for throwing the tent and all the mucky stuff on the way home. Yes its the B8 dampers on there with Eibach springs :thumbs up:
  10. UisT4

    Audi Roof Bars - Torque Fitting Tool

    This is the tool I have, the security torx is the same as this, it has a hole in the end as the head it fits into has a centre pin that stops you using a regular torx on it.
  11. UisT4

    Audi Roof Bars - Torque Fitting Tool

    I have the tool that came with the bars but an alternative would be a T30 security Torx bit, the tool lets you tighten to 4NM so a small torque wrench would help if you want to tighten to exactly the same spec as the Audi tool.
  12. UisT4

    Washer jet upgrade?

    The shims clip onto the bonnet first on the engine side, then you can fit the washer jet, I think you have put them in at an angle so the jet fits on the shim then you can push the other side in and it will lock in place
  13. UisT4

    Washer jet upgrade?

    'Engine' side for the shims is right
  14. UisT4

    just fitted new wiper motor/arm and houston has problems!

    When I changed mine to Q5 arm it was juddery with the blade that came from Audi, changed to Valeo and it was fine. I did have rain-x on the rear screen at the time, that could have been part of the reason. There is a plastic nozzle with two jets that pushes on to direct the water to the window
  15. UisT4

    Suspension quandary

    I did it last year so can't remember exactly how I did it, I think I managed to get spring compressors on but there is also a way to use the car jack to assist. I'm stuck at work otherwise I'd show you how I placed it, I did it on axle stands so had no way of pulling it down either.
  16. UisT4

    Suspension quandary

    Did you try dropping the subframe slightly on that side to get more room for getting the spring out?
  17. UisT4

    Charlie Farley's 350BHP & beyond 2.0tfsi BUL Engine and K03/4 upgrade project, maybe just 300bhp now.

    My MOT place does a free retest, might be worth finding somewhere similar so if you pass first go you don't need to mess around with swapping the cat over
  18. UisT4

    New key

    Cant help with where to get a new key but I would say to try and salvage your original one you should flush it as much as you can with fresh water or better with contact cleaner and leave it to dry in rice or on a heater. Worth a try if its f***ed anyway. There was a thread in the last couple...
  19. UisT4

    Suspension question (NOT which is best....P

    If you had s line shocks you wouldn't be asking for anything firmer, that's one easy way to tell. They are SOLID