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    New guy in here ;)

    Just one observation. Is it definitely a quattro? I can see the badge on the boot, but can't see it on the passenger side dash. I thought all quattro's had the badge on the dash, but i stand to be corrected.
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    Spacer problems!

    For those that are interested the 10mm spacers that fit my quattro without issues are H&R 2055571A or Euro Car Parts # is 983 44 0721.
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    Spacer problems!

    Can do, but sorry not till Sunday as away at the moment.
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    Spacer problems!

    Talk to H&R, I think there are 2 different spacers available for the A4. I've got 10mm Hubcentric on mine and they fit on the rear without any issues. Look at there website as I think i found this on there.
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    Recalls and tech advice.

    Sorry, don't agree. If you have four different tyres, albeit the same size, then you will not have equal levels of grip due to different manufacturers having different tread patterns and using different compounds of rubber. The handbook for my A4 states that on vehicles with 4WD all 4 wheels...
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    Brake pad warning light reset?

    Check the connectors behind the wheel for damp. Had this issue with mine and turned out one had moisture inside. Sprayed it with cleaner and then blew dry with airline. Problem gone, this was 2 months ago and light hasn't come on again.
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    Audi slough brilliant

    I would have thought it's that rare that it should be made into a Sticky!
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    Coil Packs

    There is a Workshop Enhancement Campaign (28E9) that relates to ignition coil replacement. I think your engine code is BBK and this states that the following coil part #'s 077 905 115 T 077 905 115 S 077 905 115 Q can remain in the vehicle. If the numbers are not the ones above they...
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    key fob syncro?

    Open the drivers door and put key in ignition and turn on. Press lock and unlock on fob and then turn off ignition and remove key. This should re synchronise key to car. Worked when I fitted new car battery in the week.
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    Alloy wheel help

    235/40 tyres will be fine on the new rims as this is current size on my B7 with 8x18 wheels. As you say you will need some spigot rings to reduce centre bore dia from 66.5 dia to 57.1 dia. I would suggest you buy these first and check wheels fit and clear everything before going any further...
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    Revo couldn't map to stage 2+ due to low fuel pressure?

    110 bar is fine for standard hpfp, Audi spec is and i quote 'approx 50 bar at idling speed and approx 110 bar in certain parts of operating range' at coolant temp of approx 85 deg C. Do you have a spec from autotech and if so what do they quote?
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    Oil Change

    Really depends on style of use. I drive 6 miles to and 6 miles from work 5 days a week and generally around 50 miles over the weekend. Then there's holidays which can clock up around 2000 miles at a time. I change my oil and filter every 5000 miles. Oil is relatively cheap and is the the life...
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    Emission Control Light = time to kill yourself!

    Not 100% sure, but don't think 2.0T FSi has EGR.
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    Unplugging maf sensor plug

    Yes should do. Mine came on after turning ignition off & on, also I think ESP light came on. Presume they're both fed from same supply.
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    A4 2.0T FSI no power above 3000 revs??

    Glad to hear you got it sorted and that it's now driving better.
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    A4 2.0T FSI no power above 3000 revs??

    Elsawin states that the tank must be no more than 1/4 full otherwise fuel spillage could occur. I guess its due to health & safety issues and that's Audi recommendation.
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    A4 2.0T FSI no power above 3000 revs??

    If it's noisy then it would seem that the pump may be at fault. If your fuel level is low have you tried filling up to see if it makes any difference. Only trouble then is if it is pump I think tank has to be no more than 1/4 full before you can remove pump from top of tank under rear seat.
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    Anyone had experience of Seward Bodyshops?

    Is that through experience or personal preference? Mine was done at Audi, but discovered a problem a few weeks later, but was soon sorted after I sent photos to Jeremy Hicks (then CEO of Audi UK) and was contacted by his PA the same day and told dealer would be contacting me to sort. Did an...
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    Vent Removal

    Ok. Just use one of the tools as described above and position it on the middle horizontal flap at the thumbwheel end and ease the vent out. Refit by pushing in squarely with your hand. Good luck.
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    Vent Removal

    If it's the passenger side centre vent then you need to use 2 pieces of flat strip about 5mm x 2mm x 150mm long and bend 1 end of each piece at 90 deg. Feed one at each end of the vent through the louvres and then turn through 90 deg so that the bent pieces and pointing away from each other...