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  1. Toxic

    How to wash your car with one bucket of water.

    This is truly amazing ;)
  2. Toxic

    Product reco for Silver S3?

    i'd have to say the Werkstatt Acrylic kit would be the best. mate put it on his Silver A4 Cab, it was just awesome. review/write was done by Richard here:
  3. Toxic

    FM Amplifier location

    Thanks for that!
  4. Toxic

    FM Amplifier location

    Anyone tell me where on a 2004 2.5 TDI Cabriolet, the FM Amplified is for the antenna? thanks in advance.
  5. Toxic

    Polished Bliss vs The Batmobile

    That is absolutely stunning Richard. just shows us what experts in the field of Detailing you guys are!
  6. Toxic

    Stubborn Brake Dust... and tar spots

    For tar spots I use Autosmart Tardis, it just melts the tar spots. A small soft brush will help remove any spots. As to Brake dust/dirt on alloys, I use Meguiars Wheel Brightener, once clean get some wax on the alloys to protect them.
  7. Toxic

    b6 A4 Cab - ClearKote Red Moose Glaze

    Another top job there Jim. very nice indeed!
  8. Toxic

    Big Thanks To Guys At Polished Bliss (Pics Of My Black Edition)

    try hosting your images here instead:
  9. Toxic

    Big Thanks To Guys At Polished Bliss (Pics Of My Black Edition)

    no pics here either. make sure you get the direct link to the image itself and put after each image link
  10. Toxic

    Cleaning The TB!

    lol not 30 quid for the one I have :) this is one of the best out there. most fleebay catch cans have nothing in side of them just an inlet and outlet. this will not allow Oil vapour to condense and then run to the bottom of the tank. an Explanation of the one I am using is here...
  11. Toxic

    Cleaning The TB!

    Not noticed any difference really. suppose the main thing is protecting the pipework from oily cloging up the air inlet, fmic and inlet manifold really.
  12. Toxic

    Cleaning The TB!

    done mine the other day, as I ahd noticed oil at bottom of fmic pipe.
  13. Toxic

    Win a Ford GT40!

    need to fix your link it is broken.
  14. Toxic

    polished finish wheels

    persoanlly i use Meguiars Wheel brightener to clean them, Autosmart Tardis to remove tar spots. I then use any old polish to get them clean and prep'd and then use a few layers of Poorboys Wheel Sealant to protect them.
  15. Toxic

    best polish ,best wax to use

    i'll try get some pics of my Altea in the next few days wearing the Blackfire wax. it's just awesome.... "Does exactly what it says on the tin!"
  16. Toxic

    best polish ,best wax to use

    You can buy the Blackfire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection seperately if you like. This goes on very easily with a pad applicator like the Lake Country CCS pads however obviously for the best results a full detail is required but once you have the basics done then I do it by hand every...
  17. Toxic

    best polish ,best wax to use

    Richard has a good set of guides for all coloured cars. since yours is a drak Grey and you want one of the best then I would recommend Blackfire Wet Ice Over Fire Shine Kit it is very easy to use and gives stunning results. Also have a look here for other recommended products. Recommended...
  18. Toxic

    Need a new Karcher Pressure Washer..

    got mine from a ebay reseller, it was a reconditioned unit but with full years guarantee at below half the price of a new one!
  19. Toxic

    Recommended products/routine for dark metallic/pearlescent Audi's

    Rich when do you expect to get some more Pads in? notice your out of stock for most of them that are mentioned here. also whats the best way of cleaning Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish off the pad? I noticed it is very hard to get it clean using most detergents.
  20. Toxic

    Jimmeh vs Triumph StreetTriple and a Seat LCR

    top job, though think i'd prefer drinking beer and watchin the FA cup final on a day this today! :)