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  1. andyquattro

    Fuel filter location ?

    My A4 1.8tQ had on the underside of the car, behind a plastic panel just in front of the rear off side wheel, the a6 may be similar.
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    A6 electrics

    Are your keys always close by when this happens? Maybe it has sticky buttons!
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Which other Audi model wheels fit the A6

    This may help:icon_thumright:
  7. andyquattro

    Pics of your A6

    Here's a pic of my new wheels taken the day I put a deposit down, picked her up today. poor pic as it was my phone camera!
  8. andyquattro

    2.8 Cough / Jerk

    Here's a pic of the 30v with the cover removed, very similar to the 12v. Coil pack at the front of the engine! eurocarparts sell's plugs and two makes of coil one £75 and the other £160:faint: there is plugs, leads and the coil's on fleabay! Maybe a spark tester would be a good investment...
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    2.8 Cough / Jerk

    Found this thread HERE from another forum. Hope it's useful! I'm not too familiar with the 30v only the 12v which I had in my last coupe. Sounds like a misfire/weak spark which will be more apparent in high gear low revs and accelerating, could be plugs lead or maybe the coil pack! I know...
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    Get your S4 Door quick....

    I'll be having a punt :icon_thumright: and I bet there is others waiting quietly for a last minute bargain!
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    I bought these last week (£65 with make an offer!) and am well chuffed so far, far better quality than my last set!
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    Door handle

    try HERE:salute:
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    Unfortunately not, the saloon rear bumper is slightly longer by mm's! The full length of the saloon is 4547mm and the avant is 4544mm, front bumper and side skirts are interchangeable but not the rear:sign_unfair:
  14. andyquattro

    A4 Convertible drivers seat

    The pic from show the mechanism just behind the plastic trim on the lower part of the seat. Looks pretty simple once the cover is off!
  15. andyquattro

    Problems opening boot

    Think my boot may be on the way out as occasionally it bounces back when trying to shut it then after a few attempts it closes!:sadlike:
  16. andyquattro

    The cruisestalk

    When I bought my current Audi I couldn't get the cruise control to work! So I carried out the following with VagCom [Select] [01 - Engine] [Login - 11] Enter 11463 to activate cruise control [Do It!] This will activate it if it isn't already! After doing this it still didnt...
  17. andyquattro

    Exhaust tips

    I've been wanting to change the tips on my car recently also, the 1.8t pipes are just to small! On my last b6 1.8t I bought a standard s4 exhaust system, after a small simple mod it fitted up easily. Anyway this stuck out about an inch further than the standard.
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    Handbrake stuck on

    The same reason you shouldn't use it on condoms! :no: The chemicals break down the rubber, a silicone based lube would be fine.
  19. andyquattro

    Alarm doesn't make indicators flash

    If i remember correctly open your drivers side window with the door button, keeping your finger pressed until it is fully down the up, again keeping your finger pressed on the button until it is fully up. You should then be able to open and close your windows with your keys, it also lets you...
  20. andyquattro

    Dodgy Idling - 1.8T

    Andylee have you tried any of Blackpools suggestions yet? I have had nearly exactly the same problem over the past few weeks on my 1.8TQ Avant, after changing my DV & MAF to no avail, I then found a blocked crankcase breather while changing my rocker cover gasket! While fixing it I thought...