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    Is it possible to rollback an emissions software update? It's definitely affected mpg and I think also noise at lower revs on my 2017 2.0 TDI 184 (CUNA engine code) I don't want a remap, just the original engine software. I've found some places online that do it, but they seem to be coy with...
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    2017 TDI Dealer Engine ECU software update?

    I've got a 2017 TDI 184 that is due an oil service. Booked it in at AUDI and they advise me there is a "recall" software update for the engine ECM. I asked if this is something I can opt out of, and they said no. I'm open to improvements, but something tells me it might be related to emissions...
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    For Sale AUDI A3 S3 8P Bi-Xenon Headlights + Kufatec conversion loom

    Pair of AUDI A3 S3 8P Bi-Xenon Headlights in decent condition 8P0941004 & 8P0941003 Good working condition Recent D1S Bulbs LED DRL bulbs fitted giving a modern white daytime running light LED indicator bulbs Clear projector lens upgrade Comes with Kufatec converter loom if being fitted to a...
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    New Q3 virtual cockpit on 8v chassis a3

    LCD screens are cheap so this technology is going to be rife in all cars soon (well it's almost there now). I'm not a particular fan. Our tiguan has the full virtual cockpit screen, whilst I appreciate it's adaptability to show various layouts including sat nav, I prefer proper analogue gauges...
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    Bilstein B8 + H&R Springs constantly hitting bump stops

    Don't suppose you still have those do you to sell?
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    Bilstein B8 + H&R Springs constantly hitting bump stops

    I just got an Eibach Pro Kit, the front springs "look" identical to the H&R front spring so I'm hesitant to fit them (same spindly wire thickness (11.8mm) and the same height (off the car)). I borrowed this photo from another thread, it's fitted with Eibach Pro Springs, front looks too low vs...
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    Bilstein B8 + H&R Springs constantly hitting bump stops

    @-Ju- do you have any photos? I think I might have to change something, maybe fit Eibach Pro and alter the internal bump stop to make it less of hard whack. Right now, if the road is undulating or remotely bumpy it's like riding on a soft pillow and then hard thuds as it hits the bump stop.
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    Bilstein B8 + H&R Springs constantly hitting bump stops

    Is anyone running Bilstein B8 dampers on their A3? I've fitted some with H&R 30mm lowering springs (not the lowest they do) but it seems to sit far too low (they are the standard H&Rs) and seem really soft. The damping on the front isn't great, not much improvement over stock S-Line, and I keep...
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    A3 8V subwoofer stopped working

    Do all A3s have a subwoofer? Where is it located? I have a 2017 TDI Sline, it's got what I assume a standard system but seems to lack bass and I thought with my 57-reg Sport having subwoofer as standard in the rear left bootspace this new car would have something too, but doesn't sound like it.
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    For Sale 2007 57 AUDI A3 TDI 170 Sport (SLine) Spares/Repairs? (Drives* with MOT 2022)

    2007 "57" Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 Sport Dolphin Grey 253,000miles **MOT June 2022** Will start (long cranking) and drive but has suspected head/gasket issue (idles perfect, drives great) Many desirable upgrade parts, so offered as spares or repair ------ S-Line Bumpers S-Line boot spoiler Genuine...
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    A3 2.0 BMN PPD 170 hesitation under load

    Torsion value on my BMN is 3.37 when timed perfectly and what I run it at. Setting it to a true (as in not out of range) 0.00 it runs less well (flat and less mpg). I've tried all variations from -0.1 to +3 and it doesn't run better than the base timed position (timing lock keys). My cambelt...
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    A3 8P No hot air, flaps diagnosis

    Could be an air lock. With the car running and the expansion cap off and water at normal level, try to peel back the top heater matrix hose a little. It's tight for access but if you have proper hose clamp pliers it's doable and releases air/leaks water, at least then you know there isn't an...
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    Parking lights as DRL

    Try activating "Scandinavian" or Canadian setting in VCDS, this might put sidelights on ignition. I have mine set with proper DRLs (in place of the halogen main beam) though so that the rear lights and front DRLs are on all the time but I have the bi-xenon type headlights. But on the halogen...
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    PD170 with no power 1800rpm-2300rpm

    Thanks, I actually ordered a VDO sensor from GSF but a Metzger sensor arrived so should be decent quality. Ive actually left it loose but plugged in under the bonnet and it drives fine now. I took it to a garage to get it swapped over but they're feeling like the old one is going to snap...
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    PD170 with no power 1800rpm-2300rpm

    Just to update this issue. I've managed to find out why it's going in to a limp mode from logging with VCDS; the EGT sensor is registering very high exhaust gas temperatures. DPF sensors are all showing around 250-300c, but the EGT is showing around 650-700c on cruise and flicks to 1000/1024c if...
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    Exhaust temperature sensor

    Did you get anywhere with this? I have a problem with my car that is going in to a hidden limp mode (no dash lights but loses power), and I've narrowed it down to EGT Sensor that is erratic, and shows 1000c or 1024c during limp mode periods.
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    Anti Roll Bar / ARB sizes on 8P front wheels drive A3s

    I ended up getting some ST Suspension bars fitted to it (funnily enough from Awesome GTi too), and I still have the car 10yrs later!! The rear I did myself, but wow that front bar is not easy to fit so glad a garage did it for me.
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    PD170 with no power 1800rpm-2300rpm

    It hasn't had a DPF (or EGR) since 2015 when it was gutted & remapped. I've done almost 100,000miles in it without issue though; is it possible this could still be related?
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    PD170 with no power 1800rpm-2300rpm

    I have a 2007 2.0 PD170. I've had the car for about 10yrs and it's been on the whole very reliable and also well looked after/serviced. However I have an issue that came on suddenly that I can't figure out; there is no power from around 1800rpm to around 2300rpm, after which where it starts to...