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    Chrome mirrors for A6

    [ QUOTE ] Lam - I was with Bell first year and then with Admiral (Bell is actually underwritten by Admiral hence exactly same policy) so I don't see why you're having problems. Try to speak to another adviser. [/ QUOTE ] Spoke to a manager who said their T&Cs are different to other...
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    Any RS6 owners on here?

    Hi, I used to have one Truth be told, having a £60k car in my garage gave me sleepless nights and a divorce in waiting I sold it (at full list price) after 2 months and bought a lovely black RS4, which is every bit as quick,....but I do miss that fantastic V8 engine Cheers Paul
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    RS6 Resale value

    Crystal ball time guys. I need some help if I'm to justify keeping the RS6. What is the concensus on resale value for an RS6 Avant after 2 years with average mileage ? Anyone dare to hazard a guess ?
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    RS6 for Sale

    I really don't know John. From the articles I've read so far, the S4 doesn't really seem that "special" and I suspect that it will depreciate faster than the RS6 and I will ultimately loose more on it. My big problem is that my wife simply doesn't see the point of "nice" cars and doesn't like...
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    RS6 for Sale

    I'm very sorry to say that I'm selling my lovely RS6 I absolutely love it, but it's a little too soon for my business to be supporting such a beast so it's something a little more modest for the time being. However, if anyone wants to jump the queue, here is your opportunity. Daytona Grey...