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  1. gussyldr

    For Sale Selling my Rs3…

    Hey selling my Rs3 Vorsprung komora Grey saloon just arrived in the uk Spec with Pan Roof etc
  2. gussyldr

    Facelift Exhaust valves problem

    I have a problem with my exhaust valves I think there stuck open as my car exhaust note doesn’t change from comfort to dynamic and is always loud has anyone had a problem with there valves and what was the fix been told it may be the pins or something in the exhaust also getting this fault code...
  3. gussyldr

    More info on the 8Y

    Drift mode:racer:
  4. gussyldr

    Alarm didn’t sound???

    Hi all so basically my car was broken into while I went into the shops they smashed the rear window and made off with my bag with my wallet in and also my steering wheel lock (weird) but the alarm didn’t go off i always thought the alarm would off if a window is broken?
  5. gussyldr

    Confusing tyre wear

    So last year dec (2019) I changed my tyres to ps4s 255/30/19 front and 235/35/19 rear massive difference over the Pirelli’s my car came with anyway so I’ve bought my car into Audi because of a fault which they was unable to fix so when I pick up my car they tell me my the rears are 3.0mm and the...
  6. gussyldr

    For Sale RS3 Active valve control
  7. gussyldr

    Saloon Diffuser

    I looked on maxton website it is
  8. gussyldr

    Saloon Diffuser

    Hi all does anyone know where I can purchase this diffuser from ive asked the person that posted the picture but they don’t know
  9. gussyldr

    Brake bedding?

    Completely better than stock setup worth every penny I’d definitely recommend it When I do brake hard from speed get the humming all the time
  10. gussyldr

    Brake bedding?

    also when braking from speed I get a humming noise I’ve read these are characteristics of having grooved disc can anyone confirm?
  11. gussyldr

    Brake bedding?

    Think I’m going to try again
  12. gussyldr

    Brake bedding?

    So I’ve upgraded my disc and ds2500 pads I was advised to do 10-15 hard stops from 75-80mph to about 50mph I’ve done this but now my brakes developed squeaking should I follow the above procedure again? Or what’s people’s recommendations thanks
  13. gussyldr

    experiences downpipe

    I had a milltek on a 2017 s3 also with JB4 and my car used to go into limp mode because it needed a remap due to decat
  14. gussyldr

    Facelift S3 limp mode??

    I have obd eleven also torque pro can you assist me on checking logs
  15. gussyldr

    Facelift S3 limp mode??

    Tell me about also my heating in my drivers mirror is not working but according to Audi they tested it and it works fine:welcoming: What was your solution also is this a common problem ?
  16. gussyldr

    Facelift S3 limp mode??

    Nothing comes up really weird it’s even been to Audi and they can’t find the problem
  17. gussyldr

    Facelift S3 limp mode??

    Hi all every time I floor the accelerator my car goes into some sort of limp mode with reduced power until I turn of the car then all is normal again till I floor it again has this happened to any of you or anyone have any idea what’s going on attached video is done on a private road :racer:
  18. gussyldr

    Facelift Saloon exhaust picture

    Got round to taking a trip to see the great guys @ EMP performance to get my exhaust sitting perfect:icon thumright:
  19. gussyldr

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Fitted my carbon spoiler final need to do mirror caps & diffuser:wink: