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  1. gtdog

    2.3 rattle

    I have just got the old car back after having new shells put in, it was the big ends, now all fixed! Just in time for the winter!!!
  2. gtdog


    1) Citizen Ecodrive pro dive 2) Rolex Submariner 3) Suunto Yachtsman 4) Various old self winders Love em all!
  3. gtdog

    Engine Transplant: Audi Cabriolet 1994

    Do you still have the 2.3 engine? I will probably be needing one in the near future. Where did you buy it? Thanks, Gtdog
  4. gtdog

    2.3 rattle

    It would appear that it may be the big end!
  5. gtdog

    2.3 rattle

    There is an item I am assuming to be the vac pump that makes a constant ticking noise when the engine is running, but it is not my mystery rattle/knocking!
  6. gtdog

    2.3 rattle

    That sounds like an idea, but I guess the noise is half knock and half rattle, it realy sounds like a large lomp of somethink banging something else. The real ****** is that the garages I have approached will only take the job on if I pay them directly then persue the warantee company myself...
  7. gtdog

    2.3 rattle

    Thanks for your reply, It rattles a) when cold and engine braking using the gears, and b) when free reving again cold, never when warm or under load. I am tempted to give it an oil flush to see if it makes any difference! I thought of tappets, but that is a light tapping sound guaging...
  8. gtdog

    5 pot rebuild in Hampshire

    Can anyone reccomend a garage that could re-build my 1993 2.3 engine in Hampshire? It will be a warantee claim job. Someone you could trust with your pride and joy would be the one I am looking for. Thanks in advance,
  9. gtdog

    2.3 rattle

    Sadly not, a new cat was fitted a month ago, the noise only occours when the engine is cold and engine breaking using the gears. It is getting worse!
  10. gtdog

    2.3 rattle

    My lovely cab has started making a godawfull rattling sound, most common when cold and using the low gears to slow down. It is a 1993 2.3 5cylinder with 117k showing. I am not too scared as I have a good few months of warantee, but I would like an idea of what to sugest the garage look for...
  11. gtdog

    my urs4 problem!?

    It sounds remarkably like a problem I had many years ago. There are many causes, but mine was the earth cable from the back of the injection manifold, it had snapped, but only parted under load. 30p for a new bit of wire and two cable clips to re-secure. Its worth it for a quick look! Best...
  12. gtdog

    Alloy wheels for 80 Cabriolet

    Does anyone have any alloys for sale that would fit my old (93) 4 stud Cabriolet? I just feel that some sexy deep dish alloys would give the old girl a lift. Thanks in advance, Gtdog
  13. gtdog

    80 avant 1.9 tdi

    Look for a good history, listen for rumbles from the back of the engine, and check the wear on the front tyres. If the engine bay is too clean walk away. Realy though if the car has been well maintained and serviced they go forever, mine has 170k is chipped and still pulls like a train, uses no...
  14. gtdog

    Apologies for asking.. I wanna know about a beemer

    Hi, Things to know about the e36 328 in particular; 1) Nickasail issue BMW fitted nickel alloy liners to the 328 between mid to late 1990s, if low sulpher fuels were used extensively when new this led to a breakdown of the aforementioned liners, and loss of compression, oil excessive oil use...
  15. gtdog

    Should I get this work done on my 1996 A6?

    I think you should get the work done, the thermostat they mention controls the flow of water through the radiator, and the belt, well when they snap it is new engine time. I would take the car to another garage for the work though as the quotes you received are way too high! All the best! Dog
  16. gtdog

    Road rage ...

    I think the ultimate deterant (sp?) was on a Landrover I passed last week, There was the Grille of someones car dangling from the towbar! I tried to photograph it with the phone, but got a great shot of my steering wheel In short fit a towbar, and purchase a Merc grille from a scrap yard...
  17. gtdog

    What do I do now?

    It looks like a 95-96 Toyota Surf 3.0 tdi manual. Huge boot, A scream to drive, Easly chipped engine, Affordable, parts easy to obtain (and cheep). and it doesnt scream Im trying to be butch like most of the 4X4s out there! For sale, BMW 328i Touring, Mint, top spec, Full BMW service history...
  18. gtdog

    Beware of this "rocket"...

    Jesus Poor kid! ?
  19. gtdog

    Car Change...Again!

    As the saying goes, never hand a surveyor a screwdriver! The sad thing is that he will probably crash it the day he finishes it! He has spent too lolng behind fwd steering wheels! All the best, Dog
  20. gtdog

    audi 80 tdi

    Sorry to say it sounds like a garage job for the tappets, they are hydraulic (sp?) on your model, and cant be re-shimmed, it sounds like they are not getting the req oil to function, and should be replaced, be quite sure that it is not a top end bearing going, it could sound similar. I cant...