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    Continental Contisport tyres

    Had both fronts replaced, requested not contisports and would like bridgestones or michalin if lease company allows. Got a call to say all done. contis again, all they had in the size out of the 3 allowed. Which can change over time. Atm, still contis and the others are goodyear and dunlop. So...
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    Continental Contisport tyres

    The car came with bridgestones and they were excellent. Being new i did thrash it a bit much and got 6k miles out of them. And thats when i got told it has to be one of 3…and the bridgestones not being one of them
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    Continental Contisport tyres

    Hi, as my 45tfsie is on a lease, they request one of 3 tyres are fitted. Goodyear (cant remember which, continental contisport and another i cant remember. Anyone else have these? They are near the wear limit but for the past few months they have been shocking, easily lose grip when wet and...
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    Can I stop the engine going to idle?

    Vaguely remember seeing somewhere having the aircon on + battery regen keeps the engine running. I use this more often than not. Still occasionally coasts but not as much. Mpg will drop to low 30s mind
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    Drive system fault error (ecu replace) - 45 tfsi e

    Not long after its december service at audi (19k) went out at lunch on weds to have this fault at startup. Drove fine. Reported to audi who couldnt book it in till 24th jan, was advised to contact recovery which i did. No audi ppl available, butt aa attended. Guy couldnt get any codes from it...
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    B&O rear sub wet fart noise

    I mentioned it when in for 1st service and mmi update. Of course, nothing found and deemed good health. couldnt be bothered more like
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    Reviews for A3 Sportback 45 tfsi e s line competition

    Had my 9k service on tues. Also had mmi update. Reverse cam still goes glitchy 1/10 times. And get black screen again rarely. Also, mentioned the passenger mirror no longer dips in reverse. They never mentioned it to the workshop im sure.
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    Reviews for A3 Sportback 45 tfsi e s line competition

    i couldnt find any on the road reviews either. They arent too common due to build dates i guess, 15 months is savage!
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    Keyless Entry?

    Mine didn't have it. I got mine from stock tho Pic?
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    What I don’t like about my A3

    I don't like the rear camera going faulty. Only comes on for 1 reason, and that's quite needed at the time! It's rare so living with it till 1st service
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    Spotted S3 glacier white

    Seen one on way home from work in Plymouth. Glacier white saloon, had a little traffic light gp but 5pm isn't the right time for that. Anyone on here by chance?
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    B&O rear sub wet fart noise

    2/3 is pretty much where I limit max volume. The noise is noticeable even very low. Once work isn't manic I'll take it in, I'd be surprised if its my doing, I've never blown even a standard sound system, a premium one should take a beating
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    B&O rear sub wet fart noise

    Can't do that atm, it's all within the side walls. Being a company car I don't want to start pulling it apart. Putting any pressure on the side wall does nothing
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    B&O rear sub wet fart noise

    Bit of a strange one, but it does sound a bit odd. Can't hear it inside the cabin, only noticed recently while car was running and went into the boot to grab something, music was cranked up at all and could still hear what sounds like a wet fart. Not sure if it might be partly blown (that would...
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    A3 Sportback 45 TFSI e s-line Competition suspension question?

    I got a stock car, didn't spec a build. On my spec it shows standard suspension, initially was quite high but has settled a bit now. Still looks like caves around the wheel arches :(
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    Reviews for A3 Sportback 45 tfsi e s line competition

    I didn't get the option, I grabbed the only one I could find in stock. Build times suck, but you'll have it for spring when the weather starts getting better!
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    Reviews for A3 Sportback 45 tfsi e s line competition

    Hi, I've had one for the last 3 months. I don't have the sports suspension unfortunately but all in all, I really like how the car drives. Its pretty rapid and I've pushed it fairly hard without issue Jealous of the ambient lighting, that's one option I thought mine came with but didnt
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    Picked up car but…..

    Car looks lovely in that colour, hope it gets sorted and maybe see you around... Fellow janner
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    My 45 s-line competition came with standard suspension which I thought was odd, being that spec of car
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    Cloned car ?

    It has 3g/lte on board. Same as a mobile it could easily be tracked, pinging mobile masts all the time.