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  1. TerryA

    Supply of refurb / rebuilt S38L gearbox

    Anyone know of a source for the above. For my sons S3 on a 53 plate - lives near Cambridge
  2. TerryA

    Remap near to Inverness

    Not done anything yet but will be doing a bit as I've decided to stay with this car for a few years - normally change car every 2 to 3 years but really like the Avant and the flexibility it gives so will work with it to improve things over stock
  3. TerryA

    Remap near to Inverness

    cheers for the replies guys - thinking to do :yes: Got a mate in Stirling I visit so Glasgow will be a possibility
  4. TerryA

    Remap near to Inverness

    Cheers Kevin
  5. TerryA

    Remap near to Inverness

    just moved to Scotland from London and will be looking to remap my Avant - any suggestions for remappers near to Inverness appreciated
  6. TerryA

    Thinking of installing a racechip pro2

    looked on the search but nothing really found - anyone using this and any feeedback would be good as it is significantly cheaper than Revo. Car is black edition 1.8 TFSI Avant.
  7. TerryA

    Winter tyres ?????

    Might I be able to fit a narrower tyre with higher profile - looked in this site that compares speed difference with varying tyre profile and with a 225 x 40 x 19 there is only a 0.2 % variation in speed compared to shown speed - this should be OK ?? Tyre Width Equivalency...
  8. TerryA

    Winter tyres ?????

    Cheers guys - seems it might be a good idea then - was thinking of putting winters on the OEM 19" rims (not sure of size) and then getting a set of BBS 19" to fit the summers on (currently running Avon ZZ5) which have been good.
  9. TerryA

    Winter tyres ?????

    To all you Scots, I will be moving to live near Inverness (Northside of Cromarty Firth) in a couple of weeks and have spent all my driving time (over 40 years) in London and South East. Do you recommend fitting winter tyres or is this unnecessary - would appreciate views !! Have a black...
  10. TerryA

    Calliper and disc guard respray. What colour ?

    as above Hammerite smooth is brilliant - I hand painted mine - easy job
  11. TerryA

    Alloys wheels Refurb in North London

    Not North London but NW - good reputation - in West Hampstead
  12. TerryA

    Gear knob/stick upgrade options?

    mine was £64 delivered
  13. TerryA

    Gear knob/stick upgrade options?

    This is mine - got it off flea bay Genuine Audi RS3 RS4 RS5 RS6 RS7 RS aluminium sport gearknob gearstick lever ( 261779283557 )
  14. TerryA

    Warranty to replace alloys

    iron x is brilliant !!!!!!
  15. TerryA

    Recommend Tyres - Help Needed

    I recently fitted Avon ZZ5 - 255 x 19 x 35 to replace the Conti's -- sooooo much quieter and eliminated the tramlining - really pleased with them and they also have an A rating for wet grip performance - were £496 fitted / balanced and disposal of old tyres through...
  16. TerryA

    A4 Avant - S-Line/Black Edition body kit

    s line black edition also has B&O sound system - amazing quality sound if you're into your music :cheerful:
  17. TerryA

    pressed plates yes or no???

    carbon ?????? - I got my flat but you can also get the figures raised
  18. TerryA

    Tolse7's Avant Thread

    each to their own :yes:
  19. TerryA

    Tolse7's Avant Thread

    got to go for black circles ?????
  20. TerryA

    Insurance....running out of time and options!

    Used to use Pace Ward when I had my EVO - very popular on Evo scene