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  1. Stevie C

    A3 140TDI Throttle Actuator Motor - Help please!

    Did you buy the replacement direct from Audi? if so what did it set you back if you dont mind me asking??
  2. Stevie C

    A3 140TDI Throttle Actuator Motor - Help please!

    Thanks guys. I take it the Part number is 038 128 063G then. Will the new L/M still do the job and do they have the motor too?
  3. Stevie C

    A3 140TDI Throttle Actuator Motor - Help please!

    Hi, My Throttle Actuator Motor on a 140bhp A3 TDI Sport (2004) is stuck open so i am looking for a replacement. Does anyone else other than Audi make one or do i need geniune OEM? if so any idea on a price or does anyone on the forum have one for sale? I think the part number is 038 128 063G...
  4. Stevie C

    What Induction kit / Air Filter for A32.0 TDI

    Thanks Guys, have you had any noticable gains? ie sharper throttle response etc
  5. Stevie C

    What Induction kit / Air Filter for A32.0 TDI

    Hi all, I am looing at changing my air filter to an induction kit or performance filter any ideas on what works best?? A3 TDI has a REVO remap!
  6. Stevie C

    Mk1 180bhp Roadster Remap / Mods Question

    Looking at possibly buying a 1.8T 180bhp quattro roadster and was wondering what is the best remap and if any one has any suggested mods?? I have a A3 already that is REVO'D and well modded and looking at doing the same with a TT for looks and performance any advice would be helpful as never...
  7. Stevie C

    Show us your brake callipers!

    A few more of Golf MK5 GTI discs and callipers on my A3
  8. Stevie C

    Black RS4 Wheels

    I am running 19" Gun metal grey RS4s on a dolphin grey A3 sport they look awesome. Go for it the diamond cut look good too!
  9. Stevie C

    A3 sport lower grill

    are you talking about the black grill that holds the fogs in place?? if so i have some new ones!!!!! Spare!!!
  10. Stevie C

    TDi engine loss of power :-(

    Had a problem like that on my golf which turned out to be the air mass sensor, The car would lose all power and wouldnt go over about 65 but once you switched off it reset and was fine! it has happended once on my A3 too
  11. Stevie C

    Engine Drone..

    Anyone know a rough cost to have all 4 wheel bearing done???
  12. Stevie C

    Cruise control kit - where from???

    I got mine from the stealers, I think the stalk came with the repaire wire (to be used if needed) but in the main it should just be a straight swap for the old one. You will need the bottom cover too, these were on back order when went for mine but was still only 3 days to arrive. In all it was...
  13. Stevie C

    Engine Drone..

    How strange!!!! i recently upgraded the brakes on my A3 8P 2.0TDI Sport. I have fitted MK5 Golf GTI Calipers with 312 discs front and 286 (i think) on the rear. The car is also running on 19" RS4's with 235/35/19 tyres, practically as soon as the upgrade was done i started to hear this drone...
  14. Stevie C

    Gear Knob change thoughts or ideas please???

    I have been looking at changing the gear knob on my 2004 TDI now for a while. Dont really want to go down the S3 route even though i love that gear knob my car is not an S3 (if only it didnt have the badge)! I have been looking at the MK5 Golf GTI gear knob and wondering if this would fit??? I...
  15. Stevie C

    Revo Select Switch

    i need to check it has the correct software on first otherwise i will be up shxt creak without a paddle and the guy in the A4???? who tried to give me a good push thru the lanes near chipping sodbury would surely get away!!!
  16. Stevie C

    Revo Select Switch

    not sure! speak you carl - i got mine from ebay but have never used it!
  17. Stevie C

    A6 mirrors will they fit the A3

    Is there much difference between the Mirror mounts?
  18. Stevie C

    Custom Remap or stick with REVO/Bluefin

    Many thanks for that Carl, I just wanted to get an idea. Pretty sure i will be sticking with REVO.
  19. Stevie C

    Custom Remap or stick with REVO/Bluefin

    Cheers Andy, Do Revo upgrade maps from time to time then? Has anyone on here with a custom map got any thoughts too so i can get both views?
  20. Stevie C

    Custom Remap or stick with REVO/Bluefin

    PS, The A6 that was custom mapped while i was having mods done was rapid!!