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    Revo CAI – Not Impressed (Short Review)

    For the bolts if it goes in OK and stops 1/4" from the bottom is strange. Normally threads go near the beginning. Check hole is clear (torch). Any way try putting a spacer under bolt head< spare nut, so it holds short term. Do not over tighten.
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    Short Reg Plate holder

    When I had my Vw R32 I cut the centre out of the holder and a smash repairer plastic welded it back together :)
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    Climate control help

    Did you try an VCDS reset?
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    Thinking of downgrading my RNSE Sat Nav

    Plenty of 2 din GPS headunits on ebay etc. I have fitted a few, On A3 (S3) Ive fitted Audiosources(winCe6) and Erisin (Android). Both plug and play (inc Bose) Audiosources has the best sound .
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    Wiring help

    Ive fitted 4. Normally they are direct plug into the canbus socket, no wires to cut. What happened to yours? A lot more detail required.
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    Power steering issue

    New tyres with high pressure, now worn and lost air??
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    Leaving/coming home lights

    What year is an 59 plate? I have it on my 2011
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    Changed haldex and diff oil - very little haldex oil came out

    Takes a bit more if you change the filter. As long as the old oil wasn't too discolored it should be fine, same fro rear diff.
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    small clicking noise

    If its from forward to rev its prob brake pads. if its on slowing down and DSG box some make a slight noise on down change (like a motor bike changing gears)
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    How to Re-align drivers door?

    On mine the screw behind the black caps were loose. Tightening fixed the droop.
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    Worlds most powerful S3 8v to date ?

    Sadly we don't use that engine in the S3p's :frown new:
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    New Head Unit fitted Audiosources AS-8603

    I removed the 2 side spring plates and put a piece of soft rubber on the bottom slides. Fits well now. Factory code to enter hidden settings under "about" in menu is 3711 Need to then press save and turn off ignition until interior light goes out. Approx 2 minutes for settings to be saved. Radio...
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    Aftermarket Android headunit for A3

    I purchased this direct from Erisn. Plug and play. Comes with a loom for Bose too.
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    How much damage have I done?

    It should NOT leak when you push the pads in. Also when you did the rear did you have the piston wind in tool?
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    S3 8p loosing power
  16. Bazzle

    Name that sound

    Brake pads moving in caliper.
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    ARB bushes helppp

    Have you thought of measuring the bar? What if its been changed.
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    THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE Oil warning light !!!!!!!

    Soot1: Only 2" above the Max mark :wtf: ------------------------------------------------ 2" ?? Probably full of water or petrol. Actually I have my doubts it would run that much overfull. So much windage etc.
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    LED front indicator bulbs ,easy change? Facelift S3

    What ones did you get that dont show amber untill they flash?
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    THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE Oil warning light !!!!!!!

    If you can still see oil on dipstick all is good.