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  1. SnowHammer

    Fuel Pump / Relay help

    seems to be random - although more frequent on a cold start, i've started another thread and it looks like it may be MAF or air leak
  2. SnowHammer

    Occasionaly not starting Faulty Maf?-

    Thanks for the advice, Will have a good look over for leaks and get the sensors changed this week
  3. SnowHammer

    Fuel Pump / Relay help

    I'm having the same issue with occasional not starting.. squirrel have you changed the fuel pump relay? any improvement?
  4. SnowHammer

    Occasionaly not starting Faulty Maf?-

    Happens more often on a cold engine. Spins over sometimes doesn't quite go , other times spins over for ages and wont start, otherwise starts normally? Ill change the temp sender this week Thanks... any other ideas? maybee fueling issue?
  5. SnowHammer

    Occasionaly not starting Faulty Maf?-

    Cars been playing up for a couple of weeks occasionaly not starting and rough running also noticed cant here much sound from the dump valve engine - 1.8t AGU no signs of vac leak but could be possible any advice from vag com measurement below would be appreciated Cheers... Fault codes...
  6. SnowHammer

    bose front speakers

    Ive got the same crackling noise on my front speakers at low volumes where abouts on the amp is the soldered connections anyone with any photos?
  7. SnowHammer

    Mountain Biking

    Anyone know of any good trails in the northwest, thinking of heading over to rivington / winters hill on sunday am taking the misses so don't want to do anything to technical Cheers
  8. SnowHammer

    Roadtrip, August, Swiss Alps, All welcome.

    the higher you get the less oxygen!!
  9. SnowHammer

    Help uprated down pipe or cats??

    Think my downpipe needs replacing going to have a look tomorrow to see how bad its got and where its comming from.... Seen this on the bay anyone got any opinions...
  10. SnowHammer

    Cover up scratches

    Yer I've got a large scratch / key mark down the side of mine its not too deep and don't want to respray it whats the best option
  11. SnowHammer

    new R32 and new clio 197 sandwich

    nobody calls me a chicken
  12. SnowHammer

    Which Webcam

    Anyone got any advice on webcams was thinking Logitech Quickcam Sphere AF I know its expensive around 70 notes but you pay for quality and its a Hi res video 960 by 720 pix
  13. SnowHammer


    Was not sure whether to get the 360 or the PS3 but the amount of time i spent on the early GT's i think im going to shell out for it.......
  14. SnowHammer

    Hello Fro sunny Leicester

    You need to add the picture to your signature after uploading it link at the bottom of edit signature page.... i did the same took me a while to figure it
  15. SnowHammer

    Hi from the North West

    Yep your right its the sheep I keep my velcro gloves in the glove box..... Kitesurfing - as the beaches near me are a bit polluted and limited
  16. SnowHammer

    Hi from the North West

    From Warrington but get over Anglesey and Lynn Peninsula quite a bit, where abouts in anglesey you from?
  17. SnowHammer

    Hi from the North West

    Hi Joined a few weeks ago ... New discs and pads all round - thanks for the posts on the subject.... Clutch and Wheel bearings next won't be doint them myself though ;)