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    Wheel size on winters

    What wheels did you have? I have some original B8 S4 18s but not sure how much spacing if any they will require.
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    Audi connect

    I renewed recently and while all the Google/online stuff mostly works, I note that Train and Plane Times, and Twitter if I recall don’t work now, and state Licence Expired, even though the rest of the licence renewed successfully on all other categories. No mention from Audi that not all of the...
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Did they say when they’d start charging for it? I’ll have to call and see if they’ll renew mine that expires in Jan. Not sure I’d have bothered if the satellite map overlay wasn’t fixable, but hoping they can do that for me before my warrenty expires.
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Do you have a TSB reference at all so I can look it up? Mines stopped working, 67 plate Jan 18 cad, keen to have satellite maps restored as the standard map layers look rubbish! cheers
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    Retrofit Parking Assistance Pack Advanced

    I can’t keep up with Audi’s names for all of the packs...and as others have said the “full packs” can be quite involved for the advanced. However, if your car already had the 4x front and 4x rear parking sensors, it’s actually quite easy to add the auto parking stuff (coding and four parking...
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    Millers oil Nanodrive EE longlife 5w30 & oil Analysis b9 A4

    That’s it. There’s two aspects here; NanoDrive, whilst I don’t doubt it reduces friction, I am not sure it does so to any effect on engine output, and no evidence for such has been presented on rolling roads when mags have looked into it (though this is not exactly scientific research...
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    Millers oil Nanodrive EE longlife 5w30 & oil Analysis b9 A4

    Haven’t used the long life, but I did use their CFS NT 5W40 in my B8 S4 (Stage 2). It is excellent oil indeed and reduced oil consumption hugely (I believe it got too hot and was lost through breathing), switching to full Esther synthetic oil was a great move. I had this Spectro’d (oil...
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    Pop the car in Dynamic ADS and it’ll open all up! I’ve always hated how it does that in the winter you see it just from one tip, which looks *****! (And I don’t want anyone thinking I’ve got one of those S4s with the fake exhausts :innocent::tearsofjoy:)
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    Lag - Delay - Hesitation

    Did they give you a reference for the TCU software update? Mines in for service with them in 2 weeks and I might ask them to tag this on if possible (they have arranged a courtesy car so not fussed if it take a a little longer to complete)
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    MG1/MD1 Series ECUs cracked (B9)

    To be honest, I’m very sceptical of “remaps” that are out there at the moment and JB4 stuff. I am personally really looking forward to see what the APR and MRC offerings that are being worked on produce, both with and without turbo swaps. That’s where my cash will be going. In addition, I’m...
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    Winter wheels

    Anyone know if 18” B8 S4 wheels will fit my B9? I’ve still got my 18” winters from my B8 and hopefully they’ll fit the B9 too....?
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    Start/Stop system fault

    Add mine to the list. Jan 18 registered car, 24k miles. Symptoms, EML on, fans run at 100% from cold. Water temp shows 100c (normally 90c) and Oil temp barely if ever gets above 60c (normally 85-95c) Also it doesn’t do a “cold start” idle like it normally does holding the revs around 1200 for...
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    MG1/MD1 Series ECUs cracked (B9)

    Any news from MRC on how they are getting on with this? Based on my previous B8, MRC sand APR are the two players to watch. And I am in favour of MRC personally as they are UK based and are developing using the same Shell VPower/Momentum99 as the rest of us fill with. It all depends on how...
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    MMI 10 digit code

    It’s actually one of the 149 point Audi Approved Used check it’s (check the keys and MMI tag are present). If they have ticked it they should provide it, that’s why you pay the premium for their Audi approved Used service. What else on that list that they have checked is actually not correct...
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    S4 B9 Milltek downpipe

    Does it do away with the primary and secondary cats that were in there before? Will it pass MOT emissions checks? Looks great though! I am confident the ECUs will be cracked, just takes time, the B8 CREC ones took ages too!
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    Park Brake Fault / Door lock fault / Engine management light

    I’m guessing you’re just out of warranty or you’d take it to Audi? Post up a VCDS auto-scan if you have it, if not check the VCDS owners map and see if a kind owner near you will scan your car for you as it’ll point you in the right direction.
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    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    I’ve been a B9 S4 owner just over a week, managed to squeeze her in for a detail and ceramic coating, very pleased with B9 ownership so far; I absolutely loved my B8 S4 (MRC Stage2) and was a bit worried about making the jump to the B9, but it’s a fantastic car, different, but fantastic.
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    Audi Pre Sense fault

    Thanks for that explanation - doh, I thought I’d somehow escaped the PreSense saga by not having the other stuff, seems weird they put PS City at the end of the chapter, I’d discounted that after skipping past PS Front and PS Rear which all require options, so assumed City was the same without...
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    Audi Pre Sense fault

    For you guys with bad experiences of pre sense, do your cars have the adaptive cruise etc with the radars on the front bumper? I’ve only had my s4 just over a week, and it doesn’t have any adaptive cruise radars etc (though it does have the camera for Matrix headlights) I assume Pre-Sense...
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    Things to look out for...

    The S4s are definitely worth a closer look, that £27k A4 is very close to S4 money used and there are some great cars out there. The S4 also has quite a bit of “extra” kit over the A4s; the standard heated massage supersport seats are amazing IMO, the S4 has the bigger MMI as standard, 6 pot...