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    Wanted Recaro pole positions

    2 good ones and bases to fit mk1 tt
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    O2 sensor replacement

    how easy to replace sensor 1 on the 225 bam engine?
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    Found Costco doing Michelin PS4. Bridgestone S001 and Goodyear assymetric eagle f1’s. What’s the better out of these?
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Audi TT 6v Kids Ride on at Aldi

    Got my youngest R8 one few years back. Still tries to drive it now at 6
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    best tyres to put on 225 roadster??
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    And I’m back

    this time a change from the a6 allroad. A mk1 to 225 roadster. Should be fun
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    looking for an RS6 C5

    Is it the same gearbox that's in my all road?
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    looking for an RS6 C5

    Hi peoples, Already have a c5 a6 all road tdi, but now i want the same version rs6 to go with it. What pitfalls should i be looking for and what kind of price should i haggle too?
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    Key fob locking weirdness

    Plug in vcds and let it have a read. Where you at?
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    Lower rear arm removal

    Looks like I need to do this on both sides :rage:
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    Window sticker

    Ah ok thanks
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    Window sticker

    Running off an iPhone all I see is avatar, name moderator and different boxes with names in
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    Window sticker

    That's Swahili What's that mean?
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    I got mine from Nigel. Lakeside Essex Btw where is this map?
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    Window sticker

    I know this is old, but these stickers still available?
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    non-starter air in fuel system?

    When I done mine, I had some one turn it over and started on the middle left bank. However I did make sure pump and filter were full
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    Wheel offset

    Cool dude
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    Wheel offset

    02 allroad
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    Wheel offset

    ok can someone explain how the et offset works? Can't get my head around it. I'm thinking my allroad has et of 25 and if I had wheel with et of 35 I need 10mm spacer?