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    Audi a3 front brake removal

    Hi Need to fit a new back plate on the drivers front. Do I need to remove brakes with a computer or is that just rear? I can’t remember
  2. SM18

    Sat Nav

    Is there anyway to get the satnav installed without going to main dealer. You see them on eBay, but can they be trusted?
  3. SM18

    Gearbox oil change

    I have a3 manual. What’s the service schedule on gearbox oil. What are peoples thoughts on changing gear oil, I feel people never really change it as much as it should. What are requirements for changing it a3, drain and refill until flows out of top bung?
  4. SM18

    Emission light (dpf) ????

    Yes, it was a solinoid/valve/sensor can’t remember. But pop your bonnet, top left of the engine cover towards steering wheel if you like, there’s a foil jacket with some poppers, open that and there’s two sensors inside, pretty sure it was the left one. And I think it’s plug and play. Not sure...
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    Coolant flush

    It’s an a3 8v I use same coolant, never add water just that when topping up
  6. SM18

    Coolant flush

    Potentially scaled water then. I think you need de ironised. I think there is a difference in the two? I could be wrong
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    Wheel paint

    Does any body know what colour silver audi use on standard silver alloys?
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    Coolant flush

    For the sake of two hose clips, and a plug sensor. Remove take before you remove bag. You’ll be in a world of pain if it busts whilst removing it with the tank in situ
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    Coolant flush

    You can’t buy a new bag, nor does it come with a new tank. When it’s due it’s annual service, if the drain plug undoes okay, I’ll probably change it. But then again, maybe not. I’ve never changed it on the various golfs and A3 I’ve owned. Just worth knowing where the drain is. Some other...
  10. SM18

    Coolant flush

    Removed the silicate bag from my header tank, as it wasn’t looking it great condition. New header tanks don’t have them in, and you can’t seem to replace the silicate bag either. My local Audi confirmed this. He said my Audi requires g12 mixed with distilled water, or ready mixed. I’m wondering...
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    Fault code 04987, glow plug 4?!

    Hi all, have a fault code produced via Carista reader 04987. On a different reader I get P0674 glow plug 4 cylinder circuit. to which I guess is the case of a glow plug change? They haven’t been changed previously to my knowledge. (80,000 miles). Just wondering if anyone has had the same...
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    @Fatbloke your service schedule is up my street, my golf from years ago, got full service every 5000k as I was bombing up to Huddersfield every Weekend from Norwich to see the mrs at uni, and having a HGV company use the diesel we have in our own yard decided on doing the service a lot more...
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    Decided to stick with main dealers. He can match TPS price, and that’s using Castrol Edge, which he stocks as well as quantum, Norwich Audi recommends Castrol over Quantem. Both meet the spec obvs but Castrol seems to stay oilier for longer if that makes sense. I do agree with him, I’ve used...
  14. SM18


    Decided to try TPS for a change, although they only supply quantum oil which they told me is what VW Audi use, yet my oil filler cap says VW recommends Castrol which is what I’ve been using. I’m sure both meet requirements but I have chopping and changing oil. Surely VW needs to stick with one...
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    Ah I’ll try them, still unsure about euro car parts though?!
  16. SM18

    Hi there, I went to Audi in the end, was a sensor sticking.. so was replaced and DPF regen. The...

    Hi there, I went to Audi in the end, was a sensor sticking.. so was replaced and DPF regen. The backstreet garage claimed to replace sensor, not sure if they did or not? Maybe Audi have to reset the ECU once new sensor on, I wouldn’t have said so? You still experiencing it?
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    Hi all, just wondering peoples thoughts on Eurocarparts? Since owning the wife’s Audi A3 always bought genuine service parts and serviced my self (have a vat registered company with a workshop) so not an every day car mechanic but deal with trucks etc. I’ve used Eurocarparts before and got...
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    Rear quarter window removal

    Yeah I think I might leave well alone, it’s not really noticeable, but it’s just I know it’s there
  19. SM18

    Rear quarter window removal

    Does anyone know how to remove rear quarter window on 5dr a3? I’m being fussy as the rubber trim has been hacked by previous owner and I’ve found a replacement from breakers. If it’s a big job I may just leave rather than pulling my car apart. I’m fairly good with trim removal, I’ve change...
  20. SM18

    A3 wheel colour

    I think I’m being fussy tbh, it’s not kerb marks, just a few spots almost seems like it’s been scorched. And I think one wheel has maybe been touched up previously. I can get the paint from a automotive paint supplier, they said they’ll want etch priming etc. Think I’ll wait until I’m in need of...