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  1. BasDust

    Garage Flooring

    I would say get the penny round design if you will be crawling around on it a lot, I have the checker plate design and it is very pointy on your knees.
  2. BasDust

    Garage Flooring

    Same as mine, is quiet hard plastic but not too brittle, never jacked the car on it, but you could just use a couple of squares of wood to spread the load under some axle stands. Very easy to replace a tile if you broke one anyway. Best speak to bigdug about how much weight they would recommend...
  3. BasDust

    Garage Flooring Had this in my garage 2 years now, one half is a gym, other half my workshop. Brilliant stuff, not worn at all, easy to sweep and...
  4. BasDust

    Can anyone identify this part?

    You can check this link if you want to replace it. Part number and company I used to order them from.
  5. BasDust

    Can anyone identify this part?

    Post in thread 'Broken jack pad'
  6. BasDust

    A3 8V Sportback Springs [height problem]

    I measured one front, one rear before I changed my standard s line springs for eibach sportlines, before both front and rear were 66.5cm from the ground. Day after fitting all 4 corners were level at 64.5cm, but the car always looks like the nose is lower, just the design of the car. Not sure...
  7. BasDust

    Audi connect data plug offer

    I've got one when I bought my used approved audi, it's basically crap, it has a fuel monitor, shows how much fuel you put in, but you have to manually put the price in, sends when your car needs a service, although I had mine serviced at an indi, but audi rang me (2 months overdue) to service my...
  8. BasDust

    I have foolishly reused the same gaskets after cleaning intake manifold - will i damage the engine?

    Buy a torque wrench, snap one bolt or strip the thread and you will regret being so tight. The correct torque will ensure the gasket is nice and flat across the face of the manifold. Don't need anything fancy, a cheap one will still be the best £50 or so you will ever spend, especially if you...
  9. BasDust

    For Sale 18" wheels for sale

    Hi, few questions for you! What's the et and centre bore for these wheels please, any welds been done, and lastly where in the country are you? Thanks.
  10. BasDust

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    I've had the grill trim and windows done already, but the rear diffuser looks out of place now, going to get it wrapped soon. Thanks, I have had the chrome surround on the grill and windows done already, but rear diffuser looks out of place, going to get that wrapped soon.
  11. BasDust

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Sorry, mucked this up, how is the wrap on you diffuser holding up as thinking of doing this instead of getting it painted.
  12. BasDust

    Sport or S line

    I used parkers when looking for mine.
  13. BasDust

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Still unsure whether to go to 19s, I run sportlines and ride is just bearable with 18s on my s-line, but really would love some either these wheels (but not many for sale) or some glossy black. Still can't decide.
  14. BasDust

    What do you do for a job?

    I work for British gas, smart meter installer, check out my vag lineup outside.
  15. BasDust

    Illuminated door sill

    If have registered on my audi, you can see your spec in the app for your car. If it had oem door sills, will look like this. Definitely should be covered under used approved warranty, my heated mirror failed on passengers side after 6 months of ownership, was done under warranty no issues.
  16. BasDust

    Approved Used questions

    Hi, I bought a used approved a3 last year. Car always has long mot, full service history, and one year gaurentee which as long as it is on the list of gaurentee parts will get sorted as mentioned above. On initial inspection & test drive I pointed out some stone chips and side skirt damage, all...
  17. BasDust

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Sexy wheels
  18. BasDust

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    What wheels are they? Size and et? Post a side view please.
  19. BasDust

    Are these wheels oem or replicas?

    And lastly can only find q2 wheels in this style in 19" wheels.