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  1. K13 ASJ

    Q7 suspension problems, help!

    It is sitting lower on that corner. On MMI its set on comfort mode but the nsf is sitting lower than the others. If he changes the settings on the MMI suspension modes, all others go up and down. There is also a amber suspension light that flashes on and off after driving around 500 yards.
  2. K13 ASJ

    Q7 suspension problems, help!

    I'm away at work at the moment and one of the lads is having a problem he can't get an answer on: He has a 57 plate Q7 with air suspension. At the moment he can cyle through all the ride height settings but the NSF (drivers front) won't move an inch. All other corners go up and down, NSF...
  3. K13 ASJ

    mkiv supra wheel's on my s3

    really need to know PCD and offset, not tyres sizes.
  4. K13 ASJ

    Audi S3 vs Audi A3 S line/S-line vs VW Volkswagen Golf GTI vs Golf GTI Edition 30 ?!?

    Can i ask where you have saw a 58plate S3 with 30k for 9 grand??
  5. K13 ASJ

    Audi A3 Coilover fitting prices.

    £228 inc. vat for coilovers fitted to my s3
  6. K13 ASJ

    Which fuel for S3

    Only V-power or momentum for me too. Has been on all my cars, even the non-turbo's. I find you get further with it aswell.
  7. K13 ASJ

    Roof Wrap - What's your thoughts?

    Hi cruiser, do u mind telling me how much the carbon mirrors are costing you?
  8. K13 ASJ

    21 years old, insurance on 2009 A3/S3

    S3 if you can afford the insurance, car, tax, servicing, high fuel costs. No conpairison really with the other 2, unless you do loads of miles in which case go for the diesel.
  9. K13 ASJ

    21 years old, insurance on 2009 A3/S3

    Oh and reason i had no NCD was because i was a named driver on my dads policy for 1st few years driving. To my knowledge only the company you were a named driver with will give the named driver there own no-claims and only if they state that they will earn there own.
  10. K13 ASJ

    21 years old, insurance on 2009 A3/S3

    Your quotes dont look too bad, I was 24 when i got my 1st s3 with no no-claims bonus and my missus on the policy she was 22, i was £2700. 1 year ncd and me 25 it dropped to a grand.
  11. K13 ASJ

    SD Cards

  12. K13 ASJ

    My Ibis S3.

    That black rotors look spot on. the whole car does actually! Rs3 grill might be on the list of to-do mods! i ordered the heat wrap from partbox, i bought a 35ft roll but i did have some spare. Mishimoto 2 x 35' Heat Defense Reflective Tape - PartBox Performance and Tuning Parts
  13. K13 ASJ

    My Ibis S3.

    fitted my twintake today, heres some pics. sounds good, but not quite as loud as the ITG. excuse the creased heat wrap. that stuff is a nightmare to work with.
  14. K13 ASJ

    Pimp my ride! Alloys/tyres/springs/spoiler/spacers etc.

    Genuine wheels are the way to go, i've had replica rs4's in the past and severly dented the inside of one when i hit a pothole.. resulting in leaking air from tyre, it was replaced from the seller foc but still ot somthing you really want. As for spoiler, your best bet is a genuine audi...
  15. K13 ASJ

    Mikes Ibis BE 2012 S3...

    looks tidy with the black splitter, think i may wrap mine gloss black, just so it doesn't stone chip. does yours have the gloss black b-pillars? any chance of some pics of em?
  16. K13 ASJ

    My Ibis S3.

    All the above pics are with the fog rings removed, it actually looks ok from a distance, but think i will still refit them in gloss black. The RS was a totally different beast to the S3 the power was more savage and with fwd only it had loads of torque steer, it was excellent on the corners...
  17. K13 ASJ

    A few pics of my new purchase S3 and detailing link

    looks good.. nice shine on it! defo needs MY11 taillights..
  18. K13 ASJ

    Faceliift conversion question. 8p2 to 8p4 Can i use the same wings?

    i think you will need the whole front end... bonnet, bumper, grille, wings, headlights, its really expensive to facelift a older car..
  19. K13 ASJ

    2010 s3 wheel offset range

    mines 18x8 et42 and they sit pretty flush with the arches with no spacers.
  20. K13 ASJ

    My Ibis S3.

    that would be modified not madified lol