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  1. Tortoise99

    Warranty issues after software updates

    No disrespect to the OP but like some of the replies above, I am a little suspicious. Don't know Simon at all but have seen many, many positive endorsements over the last couple of years.
  2. Tortoise99

    Warranty issues after software updates

    Out of interest, why didn't you get your software update done at the Audi dealer if it was still under warranty? They would have done it for free.
  3. Tortoise99

    Warranty issues after software updates

    Very surprised to hear this. Simon is well known on other Audi forums - I've only heard good things about him.
  4. Tortoise99

    Potential RS3 Purchase - Advice Sought

    Hi Clubsandwich, I am glad for you you’ve decided to wait. A good RS3 will be a step up in costs over your S3, so make sure you buy wisely. look forward to seeing the pictures when you do find the right one.
  5. Tortoise99

    Facelift New grill rings + gel badges.

    Hi Ped Where did you buy the rear 'Audi Sport' number plate surround?
  6. Tortoise99

    Pfl RS3 or M140i

    2018 (or earlier)
  7. Tortoise99

    Facelift Audi RS3 FL oil change

    I contacted Opie oils to ask about 5 litres of Castrol and this is their reply: Thank you for the message in, unfortunately the Long life III fluid is designed for the dealership rather than the public, you will find this is why it's only available in the 1 Litres for top up's etc. That...
  8. Tortoise99

    Facelift Audi RS3 FL oil change

    Hi My car needs a top up. Where’s the best place to buy at the moment? Also, this thread started over two years ago- is Castrol still the one to go for or is there something better now?
  9. Tortoise99

    Video on Tech in the Car on RS3 Tech

    Nice vid, thanks for sharing.
  10. Tortoise99

    Too expensive in Covid market???

    I hate it say it but be patient - many dealers are trying to put on a brave face on the current situation- but in a few months they will be literally giving their cars away.
  11. Tortoise99

    High mileage RS3 Query

    Don't blame you for wanting an RS3 - that's why I bought one, for the sound and drama!
  12. Tortoise99

    High mileage RS3 Query

    That's the 367hp model isn't it? I think I would hang on for the 400hp version or just get a Golf R (95% of the performance and a better drive, albeit not the sound) - £25k would get you mint one from a VW dealer. For info I have an RS3 (2018) and a Golf R (2016) and believe me you wouldn't be...
  13. Tortoise99

    2018 RS3

    2018 RS3
  14. Tortoise99

    Will I regret a PFL RS3?

    Hey brennsm, Are you employed in a very secure job where your salary is virtually guaranteed to increase each year and comes with a really good pension eg school teacher, lawyer or doctor? If you are then maybe you should go for it?
  15. Tortoise99

    Will I regret a PFL RS3?

    Hey, I'm only 48 - though when you're 21 you probably think that's old! In all seriousness, get a nice-ish car like a golf gti and put the rest if your money towards your future (house etc). An RS3 will bankrupt you.
  16. Tortoise99

    Will I regret a PFL RS3?

    I hate to say it, and obviously I know nothing about your financial position, but are you sure you can really afford it? A few years ago I moved from a TT diesel to a Golf R. I now have an RS3 (2018 car), and believe me it's a 'league up' in terms of running costs.