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  1. Tej13

    Anyone taken their A3 through the Channel Tunnel?

    I have had both S3 sportback and S3 saloon on those trains, with no issues.
  2. Tej13

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  3. Tej13

    What watch do you have?

    That is beautiful! If I was in the market for a watch in that price range, the Milgauss GV would be at the top of the list.
  4. Tej13

    Nogaro Twins (New 8V S3)

    Lovely S3 - the FL 310 cars do sound nice It would be awesome if you could keep them both...
  5. Tej13

    What is this part that has fallen off?

    I have done this a couple of times - once on each of my last cars. We have a large rubber hump in the office car park that can catch them. each time Audi have just put new ones in at service time and haven't ever charged for it.
  6. Tej13

    My S3 after detailing.....

    I really like Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash.
  7. Tej13

    Facelift Scrape to bumper / boot area

    See the attached thread when I backed into a post. I got it done at a local body shop I got recommendations on and it cost me £350, and that included the work to straighten out the trim and three colours...
  8. Tej13

    Rear demister

    yes, mine also turns off - not noticed how long though...
  9. Tej13

    Aviva, LV or AXA???

    I have used all three of those companies in the last 5 years and all have been good, in as much as I didn't have any issues. all have good online access. Been with AXA for the last two years, last March I must have hit a sweet spot because my renewal terms where better then I could get on any...
  10. Tej13

    Facelift Somthing wrong with my brakes? My car rolls forward and backwards?

    Could be - mine was delivered Nov 17
  11. Tej13

    Facelift 19 " arm wing to non magnetic s3 hatch?

    I reckon they would have done for the FL - mine used to get very light in high speed corners which came across as 'floaty'. There are numerous threads on here about it...
  12. Tej13

    Facelift Somthing wrong with my brakes? My car rolls forward and backwards?

    It does - releasing seat belt or opening door activates the P break in mine.
  13. Tej13

    Facelift 19 " arm wing to non magnetic s3 hatch?

    I would agree with that - my PFL SB on standard suspension got very skittish in fast sweeping corners. It could get scary at points! I don't know if this was better in the FL hatches. I love the mag-ride on my saloon and change the settings depending on what I am doing, or who is with me.
  14. Tej13

    What watch do you have?

    Seiko Recraft Auto - Green Dial For Work/Daily Seiko Monster Gen2 _ Orange Dial For Casual Tag Heuer F1 1996 Retro! Oris Big Crown Day/Date
  15. Tej13

    Opinions on Sportback in Ara Blue (chrome)?

    Ara is a lovely colour and worth the extra few quid in my opinion.
  16. Tej13

    Bought my first Audi!

    Both lovely Cars! On the PFL you can have Magride on 18s, but they wouldn't let you spec 19s unless you also had Magride as well.
  17. Tej13

    Why do we have, cold start?

    I thought this was a good article on secondary air injection - as you expect from PH
  18. Tej13

    Facelift Drive Select

    Drive select and the gear box setting of 'D' or 'S' are separate things Here is a thread that explains it quite well - note post #49 When the ignition is turned off and on, if the Drive select is in Dynamic or...
  19. Tej13

    Audi Sound System

    I would agree with that - I had the *** in my 2015 PFL and thought it was excellent value at the price I paid for it. £255 or something like that if I remember correctly, for the option at that time
  20. Tej13

    New Mercedes A35 AMG vs Audi S3

    I very much agree on the Clam Shell bonnet issue - not a fan of them, and spoils the side view of a car to my eye...