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  1. _Stuart_

    A6 BiTDI(C7), or A4 3.0 TDI or S4 (B9)avant, which to go for?

    Andy - go for the BiTDi - it covers every base and does everything brilliantly whether cruising/carrying huge amounts of 'stuff' or blasting along quicker than 98% of anything you are likely to meet. I have had many 'fast' cars (400bhp Golf R, Escort Montecarlo, Scooby to name a few fun ones)...
  2. _Stuart_

    C7.5 Black Edition Front Lower grill replacement - help please!

    Hi all, Had an unfortunate 'connection' with a pigeon last week and have shattered the front lower O/S grill on my BiTdi :-( Looks like there are a few possible replacements on Ebay etc but could anyone share/point to a guide as to how to replace the part please ?? Thanks in advance folks!
  3. _Stuart_

    Mirror Glass

    ?! Good luck finding the pieces :-) Just to update had no issues with the replacement I bought as mentioned in previous post, and thats through ice, snow using the heated mirror function, so can recommend.
  4. _Stuart_

    Mirror Glass

    Spooky, mine literally fell off just prior to Xmas (never happened to me before). I went to and it was £8.99 plus delivery - it comes with a large sticky pad, but I also backed that up with some sellotape outdoor permanent sticky pads for a couple of quid and...
  5. _Stuart_

    Use smartphone to lock/unlock

    thanks for the disappointing :-(
  6. _Stuart_

    Use smartphone to lock/unlock

    Hi all, Dont know if anyone can help, but I have seen in both the myAudi App and also in the dealership that we can apparently create an Audi connect key which enables your smartphone to lock/unlock the car. But there are no actual instructions how to do this, the App confirms my device is...
  7. _Stuart_

    2.0 TDI Ultra - Code P2100 2102

    ^ +1 - exceptional piece of kit, I have used them for years, only a shame you cant get any insurance discount with them