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  1. IIIadidasboy

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Rimstyle do alot of wheels with a red lip - it's where I got mine from. Loving the "black detailing" theme you've got going there - I'm going down the same route myself ;)
  2. IIIadidasboy

    don't believe this! yet more vandalism to my car!!

    Make sure you're not getting dragged into someone elses war!!
  3. IIIadidasboy

    Noob, just bought an S3

    :sign_welcome: to the site Charlie
  4. IIIadidasboy

    Increasing displacement ( increasing bore size)

    That's precisely what I was thinking :) Plus, if you've increased the base power of the engine, then hopefully the lag you'll see on a bigger turbo wont be so noticeable.
  5. IIIadidasboy

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Could try asking in the ICE section - Andy seems to have info on EVERYTHING!!! - given me some great pointers.
  6. IIIadidasboy

    new wheels 19s

    Love the wheels - black on lighter coloured cars look mint in my opinion (and yes, I am biased!! ) I'd go without the caps tbh - looks "meaner" - provided that wouldn't be detremental of course. Car does look a tad on the low side!! - being that low I'd be concerned about the sump plus with...
  7. IIIadidasboy

    Increasing displacement ( increasing bore size)

    As tuffty said, if you've done the right combo of mods to allow you to up the rev limiter, then to have power still coming on strong above 7.5k is worth it in my opinion - you'd definitely see an improvement in 1st through to 3rd/4th - although admitedly you'd not see it in 5th/6th (at least on...
  8. IIIadidasboy

    thinking of what to do next....

    As already said, a re-trim can be expensive - but if I was doing it then MJ Interiors would get my vote - they've done some absolutely fantastic work on Audis and VWs in the past: Only problem is they're not exactly local, but when you're forking out for...
  9. IIIadidasboy

    Carbon Wrap

    That all looks pretty good - loving the mirrors, if the ones I brought don't work out then I may turn my attention to ?E30? - (thought it was Edition 38? - the guys that used to be in all the mags for doing-up Golfs? ) Is it just sheets of CF Tom, or wraps cut to the right shapes? - got any...
  10. IIIadidasboy

    don't believe this! yet more vandalism to my car!!

    Sorry to hear your latest woes mate. It is a toughy about how you should react - but whatever you do, make sure you've thought it through!!
  11. IIIadidasboy

    Lightweight alloys.

    Not the site I was thinking of, but actually more up to date:
  12. IIIadidasboy

    Lightweight alloys.

    There used to be a website that basically listed the weight of virtually every wheel made - although that was about 3/4 years ago so newer stuff might not be on there - but I'm sure I got the link from this site (or maybe it was audiworld?! ) Audi OEM came out well, IIRC, as well as OZ and BBS
  13. IIIadidasboy

    A3 1.8 TS Quattro - newbie's tale of woe!

    First off, welcome to the site - pity your first visit isn't under better circumstances. I feel for ya mate, but really MOTs are only as good as the minute you drive out the testing garage - alot can happen in 200miles! - and as already said, it is down to the buyer to check the car out. Bit...
  14. IIIadidasboy

    few mods advice required

    Lots of people have fitted new TIPs - what you have to do is check that it will fit your engine - or can be adapted to fit your engine. If you look at the TIP that Dani fitted (pics in the thread that I posted a link too in my post above) to his APY engine, I think you'll see that there are...
  15. IIIadidasboy

    My S3 (After years of waiting for the right one)!

    You don't like the wheels!!!!! WHA!!!???? Sorry od, shouldn't try and talk him out of it!!!! Looks nice and clean though AjM, I'm sure you're happy with it and glad you waited!! :applaus:
  16. IIIadidasboy

    Pics of my Misano Red S3 - Thoughts on wheels, possible swap?

    Just realised that my Falkens are FK452 (not ZE 912 - like yours) and my wheels are 7.5" (as opposed to your 8"), which explains why, in my opinion, mine don't look as good as yours - I was going to go with 215/35, but the seller talked me out of it and I went with 225/40 - however, looking at...
  17. IIIadidasboy

    Pics of my Misano Red S3 - Thoughts on wheels, possible swap?

    Car's looking good - I'm into black wheels myself, so much so at the mo that I bought some myself. Don't know why, but to me the spokes look like they need a bit "more meat" on them - if that makes sense - maybe, as already mentioned, getting them coloured anthracite would look good and...
  18. IIIadidasboy

    What a wake up call

    ^^^^what he said!!^^^^
  19. IIIadidasboy

    misfire HELP!!

    Not sure, I'm suspecting mine as well, so I would also be interested in this!! Sounds like your problem is very similar to mine (thought is was MAF - and it came back to haunt me!! )
  20. IIIadidasboy

    few mods advice required

    Dani fitted a TIP to his APY: so he may be able to offer advice. Got your PM, will send it when I'm at work tomorrow