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  1. leecool

    A3 2014 gear issues

    Hi, just recently my 2014 A3 engine light has come on & I'm getting erratic gear changes. Now I used to have an 8p model with a similar issue but it was a speed sensor issue with that car and the ABS light was on. I did have a massage pop up on the dashboard on my new a3 the other day & it said...
  2. leecool

    Polo 9N Brake Pad Wear Indicator Light Not Going Off

    Hi there, I hope that it's possible that one of you great members may be able to help me with the little pickle I'm in. The brake pad wear indicator cable has been broken above the re-connection junction where I could replace it. I have soldered the two wires together but the light will not go...
  3. leecool

    Hi there, i recieved a reply from you about vcds. I can come to swanrea at any time youre...

    Hi there, i recieved a reply from you about vcds. I can come to swanrea at any time youre available Cheers lee. Ps what you charge?
  4. leecool

    Driver window sticking & no longer working.

    Hi there my driver side elec window started jamming today until it will no longer move up nor down. I've checked out the motor & that is working fine. My question is does the A frame of the door & the whole mechanism come out as 1 whole unit as there is no space to work in to or see? Cheers in...
  5. leecool

    VCD or VAG-COM in south wales Port Talbot

    Hi guys, I need an airbag light reset on my wife's VW Polo 9N. I took the passenger seat out to clean the car, I have done many times. However this time my wife drove the car without the seat in, hence airbag light is now on. Willing to pay obviously. cheers Lee
  6. leecool

    Tailgate releaqsing but not fully unlocking

    Hi there thanks for your reply . yes I leave enough time for the latch to unlock but it's only recently started to happen on and off I have never been able to open the gate using the soft Touch pads above the number plate Also my driver's side front door seems to not want to open on and off...
  7. leecool

    Tailgate releaqsing but not fully unlocking

    Hi guys, don't know if any of you 8p Sportback owners have had this issue in the cold weather, my tailgate is clicking but not full unlocking. The tailgate is released but it's on the latch so to speak. Also during this cold spell my drivers door won't unlock from the fob, it is intermittent...
  8. leecool

    A3 SPBK Washer Jets 2007

    Hi there guys, I'm getting fed up of the washer jets on my 2007 A3 so does anyone here know where I can get fine spray nozzles for it. I've seen the A6 are a similar size, but are any VAG compatible. Many thanks & happy Xmas.
  9. leecool

    2007 A3 8P boot intermittent fault

    Hi guys, since owning my A3 for 7 years I have eventually decided to ask about my boot issue. If I open the doors using the key fob the boot does not unlock along with the doors, even if I double click it. I have had a leaking rear wiper motor & I repaired that, the issue started many years...
  10. leecool

    Engine judder on startup only

    I still have the issue, I turn the key & get clatter clatter vvroom! hot, cold it don't matter! Nothing shown in diagnostics, nothing found when Audi had it ( all at lunch when my car was in I think) They would come out sucking their thumbs if they fell into a barrel of tits that lot, they got...
  11. leecool

    2007 A3 2.0 TDi DSG not shifting gears properly

    Hi Ben, i had the same issue as you on my 2007 SBK but the wheel bearings wernt at fault. The issue i had was the actual teeth the sensor reads were rotted through. I had a new sensor and hub replaced a filter and oil change on the DSG box and the car felt new again. I have posted it also about...
  12. leecool

    Inner CV joint play

    What other threads have I opened that is the same as this one then leshkin? If I have done so it's probably because no one answers it. I then gets lost as most recent threads are more often viewed the most. When I was looking to buy a MFSW I had loads of replies, but since then it's gone pretty...
  13. leecool

    Inner CV joint play

    What advice was I given Mark196c? Take it to the garage? Anyone can say that can't they? I thought that there were Audi Techs who frequented the forum so I was looking to perhaps hear stories of others or explanations of what it maybe, not a definitive answer. I have noticed that users that...
  14. leecool

    Inner CV joint play

    Hi there, a quick question if it is an easy answer. I'm having the left driveshaft replaced & I also need an inner cv joint for the right hand side. Is it just a normal cv joint on the inner drivers side or & can I just buy a clip for it as I have too much end float in the shaft? The reason...
  15. leecool

    Vibrating front end!

    Well guys while returning from Birmingham last night, the front end vibration raised it's ugly head again! Nothing on the way up from Wales, just on the return this time. It starts at around 65-75mph & it increases in intensity whilst navigating right hand bends in the road. :wtf: I took it into...
  16. leecool

    Why doesn't anyone answer any of my threads?????????

    I posted on the 8p forvm. It seems that long term members chat to each other. Mates n that. It was a valid question.:whistle2:
  17. leecool

    Why doesn't anyone answer any of my threads?????????

    Why doesn't anyone answer any of my threads????????? I don't smell!!!!!!!!!!! :sos::sos::sos::sos::sos:
  18. leecool

    Inner CV joint play

    :sos:Hi, I posted a thread yesterday about my car having slight vibrations at the front end when lightly feathering the throttle at around 60-70mph. None on acceleration & none on the over run. I got 1 reply! Today I removed the splash tray to examine the CV joints & I found the nearside inner...
  19. leecool

    Vibrating front end whilst feathering the throttle on the motorway

    I wouldn't have thought it's tyre related as it would shake on the over run when I throttled off a little, it doesn't do this, only when lightly touching the accelerator to maintain speed & not through normal acceleration. I know plenty about cars n that as I've worked on them for years but this...
  20. leecool

    Vibrating front end whilst feathering the throttle on the motorway

    I forgot to mention that I have a 2007 8p dsg 2.0 tdi 140 bkd. Have had a new DMFW 4 years ago & have had the dsg serviced 3 years ago.