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  1. Jsmills

    Avant Subwoofer upgrade

    Nice! Best hack I’ve seen in a while. Most of my music is bass heavy so would like to try this myself.
  2. Jsmills

    Avant , no boot lights.

    Ok, 8 secs does seem very short for the boot but 20 mins also seems very long don’t know if mine would make 5 mins but then maybe I’m not looking for it :-) Does it still only do 8 seconds with the new controller disconnected? Or is it interfering in some way.
  3. Jsmills

    Avant , no boot lights.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but why don’t you leave the lighting circuit as is and run a feed from the fuse box? Would solve all the problems in one go and is a known entity.
  4. Jsmills

    Touch-up paint - Daytona Grey

    Yup, I’d be using genuine Audi touch up if it was me...
  5. Jsmills

    Users/guests deletion etc?

    Interestingly my Arteon also requires the click to select ok to a user, but my A6 just registers the user to the key and auto logs in with no “ok” to press. Surely the “ok” can be removed with vcds / odb11.
  6. Jsmills

    Test drove a used Audi A4 (B9) Sport 1.4 - Is this normal operation?

    My MY16 sport had digital screen, think it’s standard.. (or should I say was )
  7. Jsmills

    Test drove a used Audi A4 (B9) Sport 1.4 - Is this normal operation?

    Sounds wrong to me, I don’t think you can switch it off.
  8. Jsmills

    Rotor grey interior Northern Ireland

    I can only offer chit chat :-) im not a fan of the grey I thought it looked a bit dated, have to say I cautiously went for the red and ended up loving it. Looks really special with the super sports seats and raises the interior ambiance a notch for me... Personal preference though and your...
  9. Jsmills

    Black Edition Sound System

    The black edition used to come with B&O on the B8 A4. Unfortunately not anymore.
  10. Jsmills

    Delivery time once in UK

    Can be as fast as 7 days in normal times usually within 14 days but who knows at the moment. Audi UK deliver to the dealerships from the port but only once the car has been paid / requested by the dealer. I had my last VW sat at the port 30 days last year because the dealer messed up the...
  11. Jsmills

    MMI Help Request

    Make sure the phone is up to date, then remove the phone from the car and re-add it. worked for me after an iOS update caused the message.
  12. Jsmills

    A4 Car Mats

    It comes with mats, they are oem so probably better quality and fit then any made to measure set. They also have the tabs inbuilt to secure them down. I wouldn’t waste any money getting any others unless you want rubber waterproof ones.
  13. Jsmills

    Different tyre sizes front & rear

    Don’t think it’ll do the car any harm, the speedo will be incorrect, as the 45,s are bigger the speedo will read slower than your actually going, I’d guess by 5% ish.
  14. Jsmills

    Different tyre sizes front & rear

    Should be the same front and back. The A4’s don’t do the differing size thing like the C Class does. it could have been done for a few reasons: error Pursuit of comfort All they had in and needed quickly Save a few £ if it was from a main dealer I’d kick up a fuss. If not I’d just pay the...
  15. Jsmills

    2016 A6 C7 Black edition or 2016 B9 A4?

    Also just to add with 2 car seats in the back the S4 is impossible to sit someone in the middle.
  16. Jsmills

    2016 A6 C7 Black edition or 2016 B9 A4?

    The A6 is going to be a much better family vehicle. I’ve got an S4 Avant and find it quite small. The only downside to the A6 is that dated interior, but you can’t have everything...
  17. Jsmills

    ooh APR now avail

    Don’t think I’d be brave enough to send it away either.... but those figures look tasty.
  18. Jsmills

    2020 S4 Steering Wheel Drive Select

    I don’t have a 2020 but my 2018 S4 can have drive select assigned to the * button
  19. Jsmills

    Traffic Sign Recognition Coded!

    Darky is right, no errors come if coded without flashing, but it won’t look for any signs as it’s physically disabled on the camera without the flash.
  20. Jsmills

    S4 3.0 TFSI

    haha, they probably shouldn’t say that when Audi have decided to put them on a high performance 50K car. :blink: