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    Excessive oil consumption on new car

    I have owned the 2011 A4 for 12 months and put 12k on it. Today the Add Oil light came on and the service manager told me that is normal, to just add a quart. I had the 15k service completed at the dealership, was very surprised that this happened at all or that it happened after only 4500...
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    Transmission quirks

    Thanks. It is annoying for sure. It occured at a stop light today and had a feeling like hitting a speed bump too quickly.
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    Transmission quirks

    I am new to the forum and have a question about my transmission. I have a 2011 A4 with about 10k miles, with the tiptronic auto. At slow speeds the tranny will occasionally up shift or down shift rather harshly. I have brought it into the dealer twice. The first time they performed a...
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