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    Just drove my new S3 home....whey hey !!!

    Welcome & congrats on the new motor! You have the best colour combination too (not that Im biased in anyway:whistle2:) How does the S3 compare to the 4motion? I nearly bought one but was swayed by the quality/class & exclusivity (compared to the V6) of the S3.
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    Thinking of selling any guess what it worth???

    Wow, she looks stunning and sits just right! Private I reckon if you held out it would fetch 10 to 10.5k. As a trade in 9k but who knows! I guess it all depends what you px it against & how much the other car costs. By the way which shape M3 are you considering?
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    Poss Oil leak?

    No drip tray there mate but good idea using a big kerb, as I dont have a proper trolley jack or ramps. I think I will have the garage look at it sometime next week. Im just hoping its nowt too serious!
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    Poss Oil leak?

    Guys, The other day I discovered what appeared to be a slight oil leak coming from the passengers side of the engine bay. The best way I can describe it, is that it appeared to be coming from somewhere near/underneath the battery. It didnt appear to be engine oil as it evaporated/washed...
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    Oe alloys or reps?

    Thanks for the advice guys. I have found a company that will do a complete and total refurb of my oe rims and to any colour of my choice for £270. That includes taking tyres off and putting them back on etc. Think that may be the sensible option.. Cheers
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    Oe alloys or reps?

    Guys, Im considering either refurbing my s3 oe alloys or buying a set of rs4 reps (old style 9 spokes). Im just undecided what to do. I know that the oe rims are no doubt lighter & more durable than reps. I know that the reps also have a tendancy to crack. Has anyone else had first had...
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    An unfortunate introduction

    Welcome mate. I would defo have a reputable garage check it out or if you know anyone with vagcom they maybe able to help? It could be the headgasket but I would also be looking at the coils, turbo, maf sensor etc. More importantly I note you bought the car from a dealer. Get on their...
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    Cupra R Splitter fitment to S3

    I like it mate :cool: A very quick/cheap effective mod. Im undecided if I should do this mod. Anyone with a pic of a lcr splitter on a silver car?!
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    s3 problems

    Thats excellent service by the garage if they are doing all the above. How many miles has the old girl done? Just curious as its quite a few things that have need fixing.. But I guess mileage aint the be all & end all.. Glad you got it sorted. Enjoy the vauxhall :laugh:
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    Nasty Injuries!!

    Cracking/Funny thread matt :icon_thumright: Wow some serious injuries there mattfinn & arthurfuxake (ps like ur username :laugh: ) auditek you must hang out in some rum places.. I feel lucky I only have a 2 inch scar at the top of head from an elbow in a thai boxing match. I also tore my...
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    Thinking about gettin rid of the A3

    Dont forget to check out plenty of useful info
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    Thats very good price. Is that discounted? According to superchips website it costs more like £499? My local garage use a superchips mobile fitter & they said they could get it a bit cheaper than the web price but Im not sure if they could get it that cheap?
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    Creak from driver footwell

    I had a similar prob on my mkiv golf, I changed the top mounts & had the engine mounts checked but that didnt solve it. It ended up being the sub frame bolts had not been tightened enough! I couldnt believe all that sound was coming from that. Is your cars suspension standard? If its not...
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    Big mile problem

    I wouldnt let that bother you. There are plenty out there with higher mileage than mate. I think Jeffers999 has similar mileage & his is remapped & still runs sweet (trust me I saw it take off on the rr day at awesome!) As long as you get it serviced at regular intervals & look after it the...
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    at 3.51 this morning, our daughter was born.....

    Congrats fella! She looks adorable. Its a great feeling isnt it? Heres to the sleepless nights...
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    I second the above comments. If you bought it from a garage where they too your old car as px then they are screwed. Did you get a receipt of any sort? Traders as a minimum should give you 3 months warranty on stuff such as the engine, turbo, gearbox... If you get no joy via the phone call...
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    Thinking about gettin rid of the A3

    Dave you must have been hammering the ctr if you got less mpg than the S3! The great thing I thought about the ctr was that the mpg were very reasonable depending how you drove it obviously ;) My S3 seems to drink more petrol than both my ctr's ever did. The ctr in the wet was pants but in...
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    Rolling Road Saturday 8th March

    Cheers mate but if I cut it off I may shed some weight & improve my 0-60! Lovely car you got there jeffers. Love the intercooler/hoses viewable from the bumper it makes the car look mean. It also sounded very nice when you took off...
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    Thinking about gettin rid of the A3

    Tell me who won out of the CTR and the WRX? It seemed that the WRX didnt really have a good take off? Just curious as Ive owned 2 scoobs & 2 CTR's. For the money a CTR is a great car. I think they are far better than audi in the twisties and when on song its a very fast car. They are...
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    Rolling Road Saturday 8th March

    Yeah mate it was good to put faces to names. The fro is a beast thats why it has to go I cant handle it & niether can the missus! Defo organise a summer meet & this time I will get mine on the rollers. Lovely S4 you got there Matt :thumbsup: