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    DPF and cooler delete

    My car is a 2007 A3 Quattro 170, DPF is coming on more than I would like. So plan is to remove it, EGR valve has been removed. On Darksides website they recommend removing the cooler as well. has anyone done this and what is the best route to get to it? I gutted the DPF on my A4 170 basically...
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    New owner - But have I bought the wrong A1?

    Your A1 should have the common rail engine which did not suffer from the problems that the earlier cars had, with the different type of engine. Baz
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    A1 emission update

    We have got a 62 plate 2 ltr Diesel and it had its emissions update on Wed. The car is so much better, runs much better and much quicker, wife drove it the next day and when I asked her was the car any better she said much quicker. Not sure if the garage cleared any faults or not but no problems...