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    Tyre sizes, will 235/65r17 fit C6 Allroad?

    I’m confused about tyre sizes for my C6 2007 3.2FSI Allroad! From online sources I see these are the acceptable tyre fitments: 225/55R17. 245/45R18. 245/40R19. 245/35R20 But locally to me I see a nice looking set of 235/65r17 winter tyres advertised and I am wondering, will they fit my...
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    Battery life?

    I don’t think Halfords will code the battery with VCDS either. I also think they’re more likely to install it under the bonnet than in the right position in the boot! In short, don’t go to Halfords for work on an audi. paying through the nose for a dealer to put in a battery which has proven...
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    Just bought this beauty

    Haha, ok well then apologies for my rudeness, but I reckon you’ve done very well. Mine was 10 years old when I bought it and 108k miles and it cost me around £6,250, so I think you’re a better negotiator than me.
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    Just bought this beauty

    Beautiful car, and only 100k miles, it’s just getting into its stride. How much did it cost, if that’s not a rude question?
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    2011 A6 C6 Avant Brake Change.

    Nice looking result you achieved and I’m glad you shifted those bolts in the end. Make sure you gave them plenty of torque when refitting (180NM) as they are critical to safety. When you do the rears, if it’s the same as my car then you will find a the caliper bolts have 13mm heads which are...
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    2011 A6 C6 Avant Brake Change.

    The big calliper mount bolts need 180NM when refixing. Nearly made me pass out when torquing those up when I did it recently!
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    timing chain failed? cost? - 2006 A6 Avant 3.2 v6

    From what I've gathered, reading up on this on a few forum threads in various places, the failure mode seems to begin with the tensioners not maintaining tension overnight, as the oil drains from the pistons in them so on startup you might hear a rattle until the oil pressure builds and...
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    timing chain failed? cost? - 2006 A6 Avant 3.2 v6

    Commiserations Tom. My car has the same engine and I've been researching the issue of late, as it seems it might be possible to buy some extra life by replacing the upper chain tensioners if you catch the issue early enough. Did your engine rattle on startup, or did it happen out of the blue...
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    air con compressor not coming on

    The missing fuel is a mystery, but air con not coming on will often be down to the G395 air con pressure sensor playing up. Essentially the car thinks there's zero pressure in the system so it won't run the compressor. Do you have the means to scan the car with VCDS? G395 issues should show up...
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    3.2 Timing Chain.

    Thanks Paddy. That's an interesting alternative theory which I haven't heard before. Perhaps I should record an audio clip and post it up, so I can get further advice.
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    Allroad air suspension compressor

    I've just done this on my 2007 Allroad. It is different to the C5 and as you said, I couldn't find any good how-to's. I used bagpipingandy's kit and found him to be helpful with answers to my newbie questions via eBay messaging. On the C6/4F allroad the compressor is up front under the headlamp...
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    Tyres - What brand and why you like them?

    I like the Michelin primacy 3 Green X - original fit tyre from Audi and very quiet and confident handling
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    3.2 Timing Chain.

    Interesting thread! I have a 3.2 FSI Allroad 2007 and have a brief rattle on startup (maybe less than a second before it goes). I'm wondering whether to replace the top tensioners, which can be done with the engine still in the car, or whether as some people seem to say, once they start...