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    My S3 with new 19" wheeeelsss. More inside..

    Hello! I show you my S3 restyling with some changes: Forge valve H&R springs -25 mm Ferodo pads, metallic brake lines and 5.1 liquid OZ superturismo 19" Michelin PS2 215/35/19¿What would be the best new mod?: CAI + exhaust? or Revo repro?See you!
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    S3 Magnetic Ride Spring, which ones?

    I have a S3 8p with magnetic ride system. Which springs do you recommend me to mount?? Thank you!! :thrashi:
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    Hello from Madrid (S3 II facelift) I have a GREAT DUDE!!

    Hello everyone! My name is Daniel and I´m from Madrid. I have a S3 8p facelift since october. I have a dude: my car has Magnetic Ride. The question is: ¿Could I mount lowering Springs of other S3 8p without magnetic ride? My english is not very good... i mean if exists in market...