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    alternator removal

    Hi, does anybody know how to remove the alternator from a B8 2.0 tdi (CAGA) please? Like everything else it doesn't appear to be obvious! Many thanks.
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    Alternator clutch pulley removal

    Could somebody help me out please, I'm trying to remove the alternator clutch pulley on my 2010 A4 Avant 2.0 tdi but can't for the life of me budge the thing. I've got a spline tool on the pulley and a Torx t50 through the spline tool. Silly question but do you turn the spline tool...
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    Alternator clutch pulley

    Hello, I'm trying to diagnose a fault on my wife's B8 2.0 tdi, the power steering is noisy when you turn the steering wheel (car stationary) and also there is a vibration through the steering wheel. I've checked the power steering fluid level and that is fine, I'm wondering if it's the...
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    Sell or fix?

    Thanks for all the advise, sorry it's been a while getting back on here, was waiting to see what happened at MOT time and guess what, it passed! Well it needed new disc's and pads on the back but that's all. I reset the engine management light before I took it in (luckily it stayed off for a few...
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    Big creak over speed bumps

    My 2010 SE with 142,000 on it does exactly the same, I think the creaking started around the 120k mark and I've never been able to fix it. It's had the ARB links/bushes replaced which didn't do anything and yesterday it passed it's MOT. I"m thinking of getting a can of silicon spray and...
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    Sell or fix?

    Thanks, if I have to replace then I'd be looking at spending no more than 12k but I'm a bit tight and would like to spend nothing if possible! As for budget to fix I'm not sure, I'm guessing it'll cost near what the car is worth at the moment.
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    Sell or fix?

    Hi, wondering what to do with my ageing A4 avant 2.0 tdi, it's a 2010 with 142,000 miles on it and has served us well over the years but it's MOT time next week and the list of things wrong with it is growing, Cambelt needs changing P2015 error needs fixing for MOT There's a very loud creaking...