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    i remember when we used to live next to a cemetary - this already sounds like bull, but trust me its all true, and random lol. The loft door that comes down was in my room, every night we'd close it and the next morning it would be open, and my bedroom light on. Then after about 4 months we were...
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Favourite Trainers

    converses and vans plimsoles :)
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    BF moaning

    is he definitely a bloke? if my GF had a car like urs i'd love her even more!!
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    But you can join the army at 16, but cant play stupid games like COD till you're 18, how does that make any sence?!
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    S3 vs Scooby STI(and anything Japanese whilst we're at it:) )

    I still have a 1.1 saxo (shameful i know, getting an a3 asap!) but a 2005 plate STi was revving at me the other day at the lights and just wheel span for 5 minutes and i took him on the lights.. obviously got on a dual carriage way 2 mins later and he raped me lol, but it shows that just cause u...
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    2.0 tdi - definately want one, but is the 170 THAT much better than a 140??

    well AMD offer extra 35-45 break with a stage one remap, leaving it at 175/185 - but i'm guessing that wouldnt necessarily means its faster due to suspension etc? or is the suspension the same? sorry for the amount of questions but am i complete noobie
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    2.0 tdi - definately want one, but is the 170 THAT much better than a 140??

    is that one second slower after the remap then? or before? if i were to get the 140 and remap it would it then be on par or faster than the stock 170?
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    2.0 tdi - definately want one, but is the 170 THAT much better than a 140??

    Basically as said in title Any help much appreciated
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    Noob question

    Sorry if this is an absolutely ridiculous question and has been asked 1000 times but do all of the 2.0 fsi engines have a turbo? Any help appreciated
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    My A3 progress, pic heavy

    Looks amazing, when i buy mine i fancy the white rings aswell! The contrast looks good and makes it stand out, perhaps some form of white on the sides would give it a bit more contrast, thin white detailing on the alloys perhaps? either way looks insane
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    1.8T Quattro or 2.0 FSI??

    Basically as said in the title. Sorry if this has been asked about 1000 times! Any help appreciated though as planning to get an A3 in the coming months Thanks
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    Hmmm....Do I buy this A3?

    It seems to me like you've already made your mind up lol.
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    Highly tuned A3 on PH anyone?

    it looks like someones thrown up all over it lol. Agree with all above comments..
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    17 yrs old - 1.8T quattro

    Hi thanks for everyones help how the hell did u manage to get £1300 at 18? i'm 18 next month and with both parents as named drivers and mileage at 4000 they are still quoting £2300!!
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    Roll cage with a subwoofer?

    Hi there Not sure if this has been asked before but after looknig around at cars on here and mates cars i'm considering some form of roll cage on the a3 i plan to get next year I also plan to fit a subwoofer into the car and after seeing several cars, they have put a hench subwoofer under the...
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    My princess....

    IMO the detailing on the chrome/silver on the badges at front and back make the car stand out more where they are so well cleaned on your car (judging by the 2nd pictures lol) I think black would still look good on the red but i personally prefer the silver but your the one whos going to be...
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    17 yrs old - 1.8T quattro

    Hi, i plan to buy the car next yr at 18, has any one been in the same position?? and what was the best quote/deal that you could get? Any help much appreciated :salute:
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    Quattro or 2wd?

    It is quite funny watching people argue out though tbh. It does seem that all people that have had both prefer quattro thats about the decision i have so far
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    Quattro or 2wd?

    So basically, everyones opinion is different so test drive both and see which one fits my preferences best?? :D Cause there are so many contradicting arguments here its manic!! Thanks