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  1. Matija

    225/50/r17 on A4 B6

    Hello. I drive a A4 B6 1.9 TDI (130hp). So my question is. Did anyone have these rims on their car? And possibly on a car with this motor, does the car struggle with those rims because of the hp? Currently i got 205/60/15. I want 225/50/17 for summer tires, and the reason i want 50 height is...
  2. Matija

    How to remove Pins from a Steering wheel Connector A4 B6?

    Hello. I saw this tread . I bought everything and now I need to switch my wires on the yellow connector for it to work properly. Can anyone help me, send a video or something on how to take those pins out. I just cant figure it out, and yes...
  3. Matija

    A4 B7 steering wheel with B6 wiring harness?

    Hello, so i have a A4 B6 and i want to replace the B6 Steering Wheel with the B7 MF Steering Wheels. So the question is do i need the Wiring Harness from the B7 Steering Wheel or can i use my B6 Wiring Harnes and modify it? Whats more safer? Any tips would be appreaciated. Thanks
  4. Matija

    Audi A4 B6 Trip Computer 2, How to get it?

    I was searching for that button like crazey. Thanks it worked :)
  5. Matija

    Audi A4 B6 Trip Computer 2, How to get it?

    You mean the 0,0 button (next to the "wranch" button) Or?
  6. Matija

    Audi A4 B6 Trip Computer 2, How to get it?

    Hello, so since i had my car the trip computer was always on 2. I got myself VCDS (needed to remove some fault codes - airbags because i instaled new seats in the car), after i removed the codes, the Trip Computer switched from 2 to 1. And ever since then i don't know how to get it back? Anyone...
  7. Matija

    A4 B6 Comfort Control Module change because of New seats?

    Hello. My question is, do I need to change my Comfort Control Module (under the steering wheel and under the drivers seat) when I want to change my seats. I got full manual seats (no lumbar), and I want to put S line seats in my car, they are also manual, but only lumbar support is electric. Do...
  8. Matija

    Manual Seat Swap To S line Seats

    Thanks for the replay at least.
  9. Matija

    Manual Seat Swap To S line Seats

    Hello. Did anyone do a seat swap from his "stock" manual seats on his A4 B6 to the S line seats, also B6 (Manual, only lumbar support is electric). If yes, did you have any problem with the lumbar support that is electric? How did you put the wires together, did you have the jack for it? Any...