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    Cruise Control Behaviour

    I have mine turned completely to off and it still controls the speed.
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    Cruise Control Behaviour

    When running on cruise control and the car identifies a new lower speed limit sign it slows the car down immediately as if it is jamming on the brakes. I have speed warning off and speed sign off? What am I missing. Not sure if it does it only when navigation route is active or not. Any ideas?
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    Window and Car shaking 2018 Sportback

    any update on the car shaking? My new 2019 S5 does it when it is cold for a few minutes.
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    New Audi A5/S5 picture thread

    I personally thought it was too light and therefore went with black interior and Daytona Grey on the exterior. The interior grey is much lighter than the interior grey for the A7.
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    Order frustration

    I ordered a S5 in Canada Jan 27th and received April 24th. My salesman did say he sold almost the identical car to mine the day after and his was being delayed. He did not know why?
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    2019 S5 Exhaust System

    My week old 2019 S5 only has one on the far right exhaust looking at it from the rear. It is open until you start the car then it closes when in auto or comfort mode. If put into sport mode at idle it opens again. Not sure what it does at high RPM.
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    2019 S5 Exhaust System

    Just picked up a new 2019 S5. I noticed it has 4 tailpipes out the back end and the on eon the far right (looking from behind) has a flapper on it. The 3 tailpipes without the flapper are a lot dirtier leading me to believe that the flap is closed most of the time. (it's completely open when...