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    Crackling noise behind centre console??

    Its not anything to do with air con because I don't have it. Just Manual Air. So the question is, if it is arcing in a terminal and its been going on for 30 seconds every start up for the last 3 years, its not a safety issue?? Is it not worth pulling apart the dash for?? I mean if its...
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    Crackling noise behind centre console??

    I'm Back!!! As some of you may remember I sold my '04 2.0TDI A3 and got myself a new 2.0T TT. Have it about 6 weeks at this stage. I actually sold the A3 to my brother and two things have happened recently that have me a little concerned about the A3. First thing was when switching on a...
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    engine noise on 2.0 tfsi

    Just did a little test on mine with a thick eleastic band....don't laugh!! :D Looped the band under that portruding bolt and started the engine. No effect and the band came straight back out without pinching. So its not the bolt vibrating against the other side of the Belt pre-tensioner...
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    engine noise on 2.0 tfsi

    BINGO!! I thought I was mad!! I generally am very paranoid about any strange noises any time I get a new car. Picked up a 2.0T TT last week and after my brother got a puncture in my old A3 I was paranoid about a hissing sound. Wasn't coming from the tyres. I then checked under the bonnet...
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    Creaky Door\Window Seals (the curse of)

    I had the squeeks something terrible almost from day one on my 2.5 year old '04 A3. Six months ago I tried the Soap fix and haven't had a single squeek since. Just found an old bar of white soap in the cupboard and rubbed it along the seals on Rich's pic above. Worked like a charm, Has lasted...
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    New S3 - just bought one

    LOL, Seems like only yesterday you were telling me about the 'new' GTI over on boards Mark and now another new car!! And what a car! Bet you cant wait till Jan. I know I can't. I have a new TT on order from Grange for Jan. Which dealership did you order from? I went in to Fosters again to...
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    And Now....The end is Near...

    Its been a great two and a half years but my remapped 2.0Tdi A3 is going . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . my brother, to be replaced by a new Audi TT!! :) I am so glad that my brother wants to buy the car off me because it is a great car and I would have...
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    Retrofit interior light package?

    Just fitted my Leds today and had a look at them in the dark tonight. I'll say this, they were not a waste of €20 because I always would have wondered whether I should have gotten the interior light pack. The way I look at it now is that I consider I saved €300 not getting the interior light...
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    Richard Hammond critically ill

    Stable now according to Sky.
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    What fuel economy do you get?

    Remapped 2.0TDI A3. DIS after every 20-30mile motorway run @ 80-90mph avg speed - 53-57! mpg
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    Rattle from drivers window...

    Dont!! I tried that a few months ago and it made it worse! Vaseline works for a fortnight or so for me. Horrible smears though.
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    Thank you audi - Unbelievable!

    Can I take this opportunity to appologise to MB for posting that 5000 word essay in his thread last night. Not that it was off topic per se, ie Dodgy dealer service but....I am so sorry for anyone that actually read through that :-) Note to self. Don't post about frustrations with a dealer...
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    Thank you audi - Unbelievable!

    I dear God, you have me imagining the worst now because I am picking up my A3 from its first service tomorrow. Dropped it into MSL Audi in South Dublin. Very impressive premises. pity the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing in there. Booked it in for its service over the phone...
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    Retrofit interior light package?

    Oh I get ya, you want the map lights as well as the LEDs. I'm sure its a straight swap
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    Retrofit interior light package?

    The overhead LED part of the ambient light pack, ie the best bit is one of the easiest to fit. I'll be doing it in a week or two. Heres the link Can you give us the link for the underseat and dash lights
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    The A3 Sportback is SUPER!

    Well it must be, cause lois Lane owns and drives a 3.2 in the new superman film :D
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    OK, so I've got the new mirrors...

    Hate to say this but to me they look like primed but unpainted wing mirrors which I have a feeling is what one of your 'minds' is telling you. Polished chrome effect for the win!
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    squeaking on the window

    How did they fix it. Mine is in for a service next week?
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    Picked up my A3 today!!

    My advice is, the sooner you rack up the miles and run her in, the better. Then its Remap Time!! :D