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  1. Anito

    What Premium tyres would you Recommed?

    You really need to keep all 4 the same. I've run the Conti-Sports but hated them on my S4, really poor grip in the wet. Toyo Proxes were good, Michelin by far the best but at a price.
  2. Anito

    2012 S5 MPG ?

    If I drive @ a steady 60mph on the motorway and turn the air-con off I get 33-34mpg. However this makes for a long day :) If you look in the front cover of your service book it should tell you (in miles per litre) what you should expect for YOUR car. Mine says 8.8 which translates to about...
  3. Anito

    Upgrading the Jukebox HardDisk

    Hi Guys, I have a new S5 Sportback with HDD Sat-Nav. Does anyone whow where the HDD is located and what spec it is? Anyone tried fitting a larger disk? Cheers.
  4. Anito

    Nav DVD with TMC Letter

    I already have the upgrade courtesy of Craig. I'd quite like the Genuine DVD's though, especially as Audi are giving something away free :)
  5. Anito

    Nav DVD with TMC Letter

    Has anyone else had a letter from Audi saying they will provide FOC the latest Navi DVD with TMC Enabled? Does anyone know why they need the car for 2 hours for re-programming on the computer? cheers
  6. Anito

    Can wiper sensitivity be adjusted?

    I had them on the S4 and thought they were too sensitive on occassions.
  7. Anito

    Replacing the headlining

    Morning Gang, My A4 and it's leather seats are spoilt a bit by the beige headlining. Has anyone here looked into replacing their headlining for black? Merry Christmas
  8. Anito

    Bluetooth phone question

    I assume you are talking about RNS-E? When you have an incoming call it should ask 'Answer' or 'Reject' in the MMI screen. Also, your phone may have an auto answer in the profile that answers the call after 2-3 rings.
  9. Anito

    Should i worry?....... 2.5TDI Q

    I've had exactly the same car for 2 weeks now. It's very lovely indeed and goes like a train.
  10. Anito

    RNS-E & Bluetooth

    I've today picked up my new car :-) it's a A4 2.5TDI Quattro Sport. It's got RNS-E with bluetooth. IT pairs with my phone but doesn't work very well. I know the system can work with the phone becuase it worked on the S4. Do I need later versions of H/W or S/W? Someone out there...
  11. Anito

    4GB SD Card

    Does anyone know if the 4GB SD cards will work in the RNS-E HU? I assume it should work just fine.
  12. Anito

    I want to tell the world
  13. Anito

    I want to tell the world

    So far i've e-mailed: BBC watchdog Are we being served Top Gear which Trading standards BMW ! Mercedes Benz ! I'll try AutoExpress. Cheers
  14. Anito

    I want to tell the world

    Hello All, I'm going to ask something that might not be very popular, but here goes. Since parting company with my beloved S4 it seems no one is too interested in the word 'accountability'. what I mean is that I've written to Audi UK & Audi Germany to ask why they treated me so poorly and...
  15. Anito

    I think i'm coming back

    These Damn Audi's are addictive. Since sending the S4 back i've been driving a Vectra Sri. It's killing me, truly horrid little piece if S**t. Anyway I've been looking around and the only cars that take my fancy are Audi's. Not sure what just yet, i'm looking into some options...
  16. Anito

    Goodbye Gang

    I've had various gripes from Day 1. On day 1 the car would not start & I had to get Audi assistance to my house. On day 1 the front tyre was damaged and dangerous, from day 1 various bits of trim were damaged. Given the money spent this was not a good start. The car went in for fix-it...
  17. Anito

    Goodbye Gang

    It's not like I know anyone on this forum, but everyone has been helpful when I've needed them. Thanks. But the S4 is going this Friday, it's going back to Audi. They wrote to me 3 weeks ago and said they were unwilling to invest time and effort resolving my problems, so it's going back...
  18. Anito

    RS6 Alloys seem to have caused a problem

    Did you replace the wheel nuts? When I fitten them to my B5 I needed shorter wheel nuts.
  19. Anito

    How do I get 2 awg wire through the firewall?

    Have a good look around, there is normally a lug somewhere you can make use of.
  20. Anito

    The missus has bumped her car

    Yep, it's an approved bodyshop. cheers.