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  1. J7USS

    De-badge or not de-badge??

    I debadged mine for the cleaner look, also put a smaller sized (legal) rear number plate on (I got a 5 digit private plate)
  2. J7USS

    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift A3/S3 8V In Here

    Looooooook at in love :wub:
  3. J7USS

    Lowering springs

    Eibach pro kit here, no issues at all and not to low
  4. J7USS

    AMD Essex

    Play safe and take yourself to MRC
  5. J7USS

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Yes i agree the S3 oem wheels are by far better for the S3 itself. Is your plate a 5 digit? What size plate do you have? Tried that fourdot but will have to go on my laptop as they aint set up for tablet plate designer so it says.
  6. J7USS

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Yep thats the next (well next after the next) on my list to do regarding the advertising plate holder but you have now added another 'to do' on my list for a shorter plate, nice one! Didnt even think about that :iagree: Ive always loved the titaniums but didnt fancy paying new from audi then...
  7. J7USS

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Cheers....shame its just started ****** raining though :blush:
  8. J7USS

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Finally got the titaniums fitted and got round to the debadge followed by a good scrub :respekt:
  9. J7USS

    Facelift DTUK Boxes

    All this anti-dtuk talk is scaring me now :blink:
  10. J7USS

    Another one gone

    GSB says it all :iagree: Forget that, whats point updating your security if you going to buy a Fiesta diesel :friendly wink: I understand where you coming from but dont be put off having another S3, you have the security in place now so middle finger these scumbags and just get yourself...
  11. J7USS

    Daily Driver Mod Suggestions

    Can't wait to see the grill, will look cool with the florets. Now the wheels.....hmm I've never been a big fan of these and even on the B7 Rs4 I didn't like them but hey its your car so who gives a toss what others say :blahblah1: Just think they look kind of old skool/to dated for the 8v. 8v...
  12. J7USS

    Another one gone

    This is getting way to common, sorry to hear you've had to go through this. I could be here all day cursing the ******** but that won't help you in anyway. Don't let these scumbags get the better of you and dont let it stop you having the car you want, you only live once and letting these...
  13. J7USS

    Facelift TDI-line's Floret BE A3

    Floret in the dull light looks smooth, love it
  14. J7USS

    New wheels huge difference in road noise

    Hate my cunti's Loud as foook. Hope my new rims with the potenza's are atleast quieter
  15. J7USS

    Mild Lowering without Spacers

    Eibach pro sport iirc. Not sure what suspension I was on before but these lowerthe car 15 - 20mm so im told by AMD. Think it just looks a tad lower than a standard sline now and im happy with that, I uprated springs for the 'wheely' reason...
  16. J7USS

    Facelift MMI Screen not coming up

    New A3 you say? Warranty?