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    Phatvoice is a great program for altering pronunciation with a bit of time spent customising the Regexp you can get it to pronounce anything correctly. You have to use media manager / music manager to create the tags in the first place then use Phatvoice to alter them. The voice I am using is...
  2. timps


    I converted mine to run with a Kenwood head unit. To do this you need a new cable and to re-flash the Phatnoise to run Kenwood firmware. Also Kenwood head units made 2008 onwards require an additional Kenwood switch box (KCA-S220A) to be used, pre 2008 Kenwood head units do not require the...
  3. timps

    front speaker depth ???

    I have a set of Focal Polykevlar 165K2P in my A4 B6 they fit well and sound good.
  4. timps

    New Headunit - Connecting up

    The Audi aerial lead already in your car should look like this. The above Audi aerial from your car will plug into this end of the lead below. And this end below should plug into the back of your head unit . The blue wire connects to a switched live from the new head unit...
  5. timps

    New Headunit - Connecting up

    Yes PC5-90 Sorry should have posted that one in the first place.
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    lcd or plasma

    If you set them up right[standard settings are cr@p] and run them in, the Panasonics do not suffer screen burn (some short image retention can happen from a long playing static game screen but that goes after a few seconds) . I have a 42 Panasonic plasma, xbox 360 combination + a nine year...
  7. timps

    New Headunit - Connecting up

    If its an A4 you will also need one of these to power the Audi aerial amp. ISO to ISO Antenna Filter PC5-52
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    Flashing At Traffic Lights Turn Them Green?

    if E=mc2 then wherever there is mass there is energy and wherever there is energy there is mass. Light has momentum it can never be at rest but theoretically if light is trapped in a box with perfect mirrors so the photons are continually reflected back and forth in both directions...
  9. timps

    Flashing At Traffic Lights Turn Them Green?

    <pedant mode> light does move. ;) But I agree the detectors would not pick it up.
  10. timps

    Flashing At Traffic Lights Turn Them Green?

    During the early nineties when I came back from living in the states I brought my Gul radar detector back with me. The thing was a bit over sensitive & it always went ballistic every time I approached traffic lights, temporary or fixed with a sensor box attached (middle or top), it did...
  11. timps

    Phatbox, CD changer cable install

    Its not actually a heat sink as dunk says its just cosmetic. Audi had to make it the same width as the OME cd changer to fit in the same hole. this is a nice conversion.
  12. timps

    Phatbox or IPOD link??

    The USA ones are exactly the same apart from the power supply for the usb docking station. You can buy a replacement from Maplin. Link about it here. The wires of the CD cable just push in the connector block at the back...
  13. timps

    Broken Armrest

    You have to buy a new lid on the B6. Just done this for mine £40 from you local Audi dealer part number V8E0 864 245 A1 7C (N/STK cover) . You can buy a repair kit but it does not work on the B6 type IIRC its for the A3. Edited to add: End of part number varies with inertia trim colour.
  14. timps

    What was your 1st motorcycle

    First bike Yamaha TY 80 First bike I bought CR 250 I raced most of my life so countless MX and track bikes My road bike history Honda XL 100 Honda MTX 200 CBR 600 Fireblade VTR 1000 I would love another MTX200.
  15. timps

    Front door tweeter cutting out

    Audi did a TSB bulletin for this problem. Quote “This condition may occur while driving (especially on rough road) or in cold weather when opening/closing the doors. This condition may be corrected by increasing radio volume.” This link explains it better...
  16. timps

    Heater Control Console

    It just pulls out. Remove the radio from above and push the control unit from the rear it will just push out. If you have a single din radio (concert II) then you can get your fingers underneath the control unit and pull out it out without removing the radio.
  17. timps

    ESP Warning Light

    The only way to be certain is a VAG com scan to show up any faults. But a faulty brake pedal switch can cause a loss in power. The switch is linked to the engine management & can put the car in limp home mode or just confuse the ESP system as to your intentions (accelerating whilst it...
  18. timps

    brake pedal switch

    A common problem is the switch needs to be rotate a bit more if your brake lights are stuck on after changing the switch.
  19. timps

    Alpine HU Pops on power on and source change

    Your pop is caused by “DC offset” to the Audi amp. This link describes a few cures
  20. timps

    Concert II silver trim removable?

    Straight answer yes. I did the opposite I removed my sliver trim from my concert II to put on my Kenwood. But I have no idea if a concert II will fit in a B5 slot, also you will have to get a canbus emulator to make to make the concert II work properly with the B5.