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  1. 5Phil3

    S6 V10 Misfire

    I have been using Turners in Apsley and cannot fault them. Elliot (the mechanic) also has a C6 A6 bi-turbo. Any issues give them a shout
  2. 5Phil3

    RIP Sabine Schmitz

    There is a really nice Top Gear tribute on iPlayer that is well worth a watch
  3. 5Phil3

    Steering wheel lock column disabling help?

    This is all very mission impossible/bond DO I CUT THE RED OR BLUE WIRE!?!?!?!? :coldsweat::coldsweat::coldsweat:
  4. 5Phil3

    B7 RS4

    As nice a car as it is, I think this would struggle to be considered cool as ultimately, its not an RS6
  5. 5Phil3

    Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

    American. Big V8. Outlandish name. Over 200mph. 4 doors and a boot
  6. 5Phil3

    Forum upgrade

    Ha, yes! 25% reduction is what I meant Below is how I currently see the main page Compared to another forum, you can see its mainly the height of each row that is different. Not all of us are fancy enough for a 4k monitor =p
  7. 5Phil3

    How many of us are bikers?? Show off your wheels.......

    This was my foray into Ducati ownership (along with all the cliched 'looks lovely, but for every 3 things you fix, 5 other things break') And this is how it looked taking it down to Barcelona to watch MotoGP
  8. 5Phil3

    Forum upgrade

    Its also worth noting that it isnt a screen resolution issue, as other forums and sites I can see without issue, it is just Audi-Sport that is a bit chonk
  9. 5Phil3

    1969 Dodge Charger

  10. 5Phil3

    Forum upgrade

    There isnt any lag on any page loading now which is great. As Sandra said, previously it was like being back on dial up with how long each page took to load A slight bit of constructive criticism is that everything just seems to be a bit chunky (nothing to do with my screen resolution as all...
  11. 5Phil3

    Coolest Saloon Ever for the Money!!!

    Hands down easy winner
  12. 5Phil3

    RIP Sabine Schmitz

    Genuinely sad news. Hopefully Top Gear this Sunday have a nice little piece dedicated to her
  13. 5Phil3

    S6 V10 Misfire

    Thanks for your replies. Just a little update on this in case anyone in the future comes across similar. It seems it was just the ECU having a little fit at the half job flat delete that had previously been done. Once the engine gets fully up to temperature it runs 100%, so just needs a proper...
  14. 5Phil3

    S6 V10 Misfire

    Hi All, Had a search, but couldn't find anything previously. I currently have an issue on my V10 with a misfire on cylinder 8. It seems to get a bit better once the engine has warmed up. The engine has just had a complete carbon clean, fuel injectors cleaned, fuel regulator replaced, spark...
  15. 5Phil3

    5.2 V10 Airfilter Replacement

    Yup, got it off in the end, just had to be brave with the hard wiggles after removing the 3 bolts. I also found completely undoing the hose clamps and tubing helped get it all out
  16. 5Phil3

    Glow in the dark S7 calipers

    Big fan!
  17. 5Phil3

    What does your car history look like?

    1. Renault 5 2. Peugeot 205 diesel 3. Peugeot 205 1.6 GTI 4. Honda Prelude Gen4 2.0 5. Honda Prelude Gen4 2.3 6. Volvo 340 Trampdrift 7. Afla 156 Sportwagon 8. BMW E36 328 Touring 9. Mazda RX8 10. Mazda MX5 Mk1 11. Jaguar X-Type 3.0 Manual 12. Jaguar XJ8 13. Audi S6 V10 I'm pretty sure there...
  18. 5Phil3

    Retrofit better quality Bi-Xenon projectors

    Yeah, there is a bit of oxidization, so I will have to sort that, then also look to get new bulbs because, well, it cant hurt! Thanks =]
  19. 5Phil3

    Retrofit better quality Bi-Xenon projectors

    Hmmm Seems I need to investigate mine further then. They appear bright as you view them, but just don't light up the road at all