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  1. bena3turbo

    Anybody used Unit 20 VW/Audi Specialists in Neston, Wirral..?

    aww cool, never heard of them before. I only live in wallasey too :)
  2. bena3turbo

    What Do You Think To These... this might help
  3. bena3turbo


    oh and women who push their prams out infront of oncoming traffic before its safe for them to cross!
  4. bena3turbo


    morons on motorbikes who insist on positioning in your blind spot.
  5. bena3turbo

    Wheres everyone going on holiday this year??

    les gets next month for me, woo!
  6. bena3turbo

    Jo Guest

    I'd still hit that
  7. bena3turbo

    Jo Whiley

    I can't stand Vernon Kaye or Sara Cox. They're both crap.
  8. bena3turbo

    My new pup

    he's built like a brick **** house!
  9. bena3turbo

    PS3 vs XBOX360

    only the xbox elite has the hdmi lead. best going for the ps3 imo. by the time youve paid for the xbox elite, a wifi adaptor and paid £40 for the xbox live youll have paid tonnes more and you still wont be able to watch High definition movies like on the ps3
  10. bena3turbo

    Gillian Gibbons - Teacher in Sudan

    I can't believe how people become blinded by their faith and seem to lose all sense of reason. It's so sad.
  11. bena3turbo

    A6 LPG on Pistonheads - has it been clocked!

    Sounds dodgy to me. Avoid it like a ho with a variety of STD's.
  12. bena3turbo

    McClaren sacked

    I never wanted Steve McClaren as manager anyway.....he used to manage middlesborough ***!!! I cant remember the last time they won a game, never mind a trophy. Cant put all the blame on him though. Apart from Peter Crouch, no one else seems to perform as well for their country as they do for...
  13. bena3turbo

    Help!!! - DIY sky hd upgrade

    Cheers Mitch. We've already got a quad LNB and Ive paired up the card with the new box. Got a guy coming to to the wiring on monday morning. Cant wait! Thanks bud :D
  14. bena3turbo

    Help!!! - DIY sky hd upgrade

    Ive read a lot people on here have bought their own hd boxes and upgraded their subscriptions with sky. ive just done the same but im having a few connection problems. I originally had a normal sky digibox and went straight to an HD one. The problem is the HD box has 2 dish inputs where the...
  15. bena3turbo

    New Bugatti Veyron

    first 2 pics looks like something off gran turismo 5. 3rd one is obviously real.......just off to buy some euro millions lottery tickets!
  16. bena3turbo

    New Bugatti Veyron

    It doesnt look real....still gorgeous though!
  17. bena3turbo

    Bank robbery shooting!

    hat's off to the police marksmen. its a shame theyll be investigated (and probably struck off), but thats what is needed these days, rough justice!
  18. bena3turbo


    my mate had a starlet GTT and bought his fmic from this guy, theyve got a decent selection. may be worth a look......... forgot the link....duh!
  19. bena3turbo

    Brilliant Dairy Milk Ad

  20. bena3turbo

    head unit stuck in safe mode

    Yeah I've tried that about 20 times now Andy and nothing happens. It's as if its crashed, stuck on the safe mode and nothing is functioning. I only got it a couple of months ago as well, grrr :@