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  1. Jon B

    Mirror Glass

    For anybody interested this turned into a SAGA with a unhappy ending. As there has been no resolution and given the treatment, I am now in a position to name and shame. After initially emailing Audi UK, they advised I visit my local parts department at my nearest Audi dealer which happens to...
  2. Jon B

    Mirror Glass

    Hi, My driver side mirror just fell off 10 seconds after closing the door at Heathrow last Wednesday. My vehicle is Apr 2017 model. I'm gobsmacked that such a pathetic failure on a £40k+ car that is only 5 years old can happen. Going to email Audi UK and try and get a free replacement...
  3. Jon B

    2.0TDI Ultra 190 Cambelt Replacement - Cost?

    Hi all, Car is on 63,000 miles and is just about turning 5 years old, so thinking it is time to get cambelt and waterpump changed. Just called my local Audi garage (Bristol) for a quote and they are saying £914 inc VAT + free MOT for life. Feels massively excessive?! I wondered what other...
  4. Jon B

    Removing bird poo

    Hi all, Got a bit of a nightmare situation with my car. It is sat under a tree which some ravens etc have decided to take residence in this spring. After only a week since cleaning the entire car is coated in bird poo and i’m finding it really difficult to remove. Does anybody have any useful...
  5. Jon B

    Bluetooth - Phone Issue

    Hi all, i’ve had my C7.5 for about 6 months now with no issues. However, for the past week or two - when making phone calls the recipient is hearing a lot of feedback and I am struggling to hear what they are saying with quite a lot of crackling noise. I did wash my car a couple of weeks ago...
  6. Jon B

    Advice for prospective owner??

    1st gear from standstill mainly. More pronounced in hot weather. If I floored it in 2nd, sometimes it would judder then, also. I sold my A4 about 6 months ago and now have an auto A6 C7 instead.
  7. Jon B

    Advice for prospective owner??

    I never got them replaced. I just lived with it from 40,000 to 120,000 miles.
  8. Jon B

    Advice for prospective owner??

    The clutch and dual mass flywheel are made of chocolate. £1,000 job at an indie to replace both. If there is no judder, then all good.
  9. Jon B

    A6 Avant vs A4 Avant for family of 4?

    I have two young kids (6&4). We had an A4 B8 Avant. Did plenty of holidays with them even when they were little. However, if your budget can stretch I’d go A6 Avant all day long. It doesn’t feel that much bigger than the A4 tbh.
  10. Jon B

    RJW's Avant

    Heated seats are as good as my previous A4 B8.5 - as above put on setting 3 to start and they will automatically go down to 2 after a while. Then put on 1 if you just want a bit of warmth.
  11. Jon B

    Moving from the A4 B8.5 forum... New car!

    Thanks all. No mods planned I’m afraid. Just popped the private plate on, that’s all.
  12. Jon B

    Moving from the A4 B8.5 forum... New car!

    Hi all, Just sold this: - Now the proud owner of this: - 2017 Audi A6 Avant S-Line. 2.0 TDI Ultra 190bhp S-Tronic. With Black Edition styling pack. Just awaiting V5 to put private plate on. A lovely vehicle. The A4 was already refined, but this is on a different level. I love the...
  13. Jon B

    Audi A4 Depreciation

    I’ve just sold my A4 2.0 TDI SE Technik 2013. Paid £13,500 in 2017 with 41k on the clocks Sold £4,800 last week with 117k on the clock privately on Facebook marketplace. Autotrader reckoned I could get £5,600 - but I wanted a quick sell, so listed for £4,950 and I was swamped with interest. It...
  14. Jon B

    Steering wheel feels heavy when turning - is that normal

    I do find the A4 steering feels heavier than other cars I’ve driven. I like it.
  15. Jon B

    Rear windscreen arm

    Thanks for your help. Fitted new arm today, took 5 minutes.
  16. Jon B

    Rear windscreen arm

    Thanks for this. I got the bolt off OK today. Does the mount twist off or just pull it off?
  17. Jon B

    Rear windscreen arm

    Excellent - cheers! I did take the cap off and thought it might be as simple as that.
  18. Jon B

    Rear windscreen arm

    Hi all, I recently had the rear wiper motor replaced on my B8.5 Avant. I don’t know if the garage bodged it or I’m just unlucky as earlier this week the wiper arm snapped off. I can see you can buy replacements reasonably cheaply at £25. Are they easy to fit, any special tools required? I...
  19. Jon B

    A6 2.0 this ultra oil change and extended warranty.

    The cambelt change at 140k - is that really the case? I know on my B8.5 A4, the official advice is generally ignored and most people advise replacing the cambelt and water pump at 60-75k. Is this the same for the C7?
  20. Jon B

    Looking at a 2013 B8 2.0 TDIe SE as a cheap runabout....

    Hi, Firstly, it’ll be a B8.5. Is it SE or SE Technik? Get the Technik if you can stretch. Sat Nav would be included with that, not sure about SE. Ignore official Audi advice on cam belt. I got mine done at 60k. About £400 at a good Audi indie including water pump. The 134bhp engine won’t...