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    2.0 fsi PCV valve

    Morning everyone, On my a4 avant, the PCV Valve needs cleaning out, or replacing. Firstly, where is it located? Secondly, is it a serviceable item? As Audi have discontinued it. Thanks in advance, Alex
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    Adding Bluetooth/stereo upgrade

    Morning everyone! Over the weekend I purchased a 2004 a4 avant, with audi concert installed. It has a single cd player in the dash, plus a 6 cd changer in the glove box. Is there any way of making it so I can add Bluetooth to it, for phone calls and media? Failing that, if I was to upgrade to...
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    A6 C6 Avant Bose system

    Hi, new to the forum. Just a quick question. I used to have a 2006 C6 4F saloon with the Bose system, which sounded immense. Good bass too. My 2011 4F Avant, also has Bose but has literally no bass. I assume it doesn't have a sub hidden, like the saloon did. Did any of the Avant's come with a...