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    Q8 Front Window Behaviour

    2019 Q8. If the door drivers door window is all the way down (open) it goes up 3 -4" when the door is opened. What is the purpose of this?
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    Q8 2019 Q8 Nav Issue with Car Play

    The arrows were not working. When connected to Car Play the compass rose was displayed and no button could change it. If I shut off car play on the iPhone the compass instantly went away and the nav map popped up without touching a button on the car. I just went out and restarted my phone...
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    Q8 2019 Q8 Nav Issue with Car Play

    Had the Q8 for a week and thought I had everything figured out. If i have my iPhone hooked up not using Car Play than I get the map on the large display screen in the centre of the car and also on the dash screen in front of the driver. If I connect my phone using car play the map on the...