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    Wanted A4 B8.5 Honeycomb / Mesh Front Grille

    Freshmods is on instagram . Brilliant supply
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    For Sale Rs3 sports exhaust

    Any pics buddy . cheers
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    Wanted Info or exhaust for 2013 A5 coupe ?? What’s everybody using on theres . Any unwanted items out there

    Any unwanted exhaust for a 2013 A5 coupe . What’s everybody using or any unwanted laying in the garage cheers . To fit 2.0 Tfsi 2013?
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    For Sale Audi B8 roof rack

    Got some genuine Audi roof bars ?? cumbria
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    Wanted A4 Allroad B8 front headlight leveler

    wanted 2009 to 2013 headlight adjuster for lower wishbone
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    Wanted A4 B8 Avant ROOF RACKS please!

    I have some audi roof bars for a B8 Estate . £50 if ya passing cumbria/Lacashire matey
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    Default 2009 A4 Allroad 3.0tdi S Tronic - Jerky Gear change

    Hi si I don't know the specs of what the did .but they had it in for over a week to sort it. There was at least 6 empty bottles of oil and lots of pizza like boxes in the boot when then returned the car to me . They told me that after the car has has a gearbox software update that the...
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    Default 2009 A4 Allroad 3.0tdi S Tronic - Jerky Gear change

    hi simon i have same car and same colour. i owned my car for approx 3 months before mine starting to do the same . it went back under warranty for a gearbox service and software upgrade . total cost was £2389 . hope this helps buddy . never mist a beat since then matey
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    Set to Remember Last State of Stop/Start Using Carista

    Hi How did you do that and what settings on Carista did you use ??
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    Wanted - A4 3.0 Tdi Quattro Allroad exhaust/rear boxes

    I am after a cat back or just rear boxes with single outlets . I know Milltek don't do a Allroad Quattro and are on the steep side . Already done a rear muffler delete but just wanted a nice V6 noise ?? Thanks guys
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    New guy on the scene

    hi guys Just bought a 2010 3.0 Tdi a4 Allroad. Anyone got any nice performance goodies for me to buy ??