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  1. Baz123

    Sport or S line?

    I have a 5 door sportback sport- can't understand why so many like the S - Line. I find the seats in the sport quite uncomfortable and would love to have any tips how to make them more comfy as I do long journeys. Would raising the suspension help? The sport is 15mm lower than SE.
  2. Baz123

    Rate the last movie you saw

    I thought this would be a good thread to add in all the type of movies you watched- rather than having to start a new post with a movie name all the time. Forum members can rate the movie, give advise if it's worth watching etc.. Captain America: 7.5/10 - I am a big comic book fan and looked...
  3. Baz123

    Audi A3 sportback 'sport' discomfort

    Thanks for all the comments guys. I have heard S line suspension is lower than the support and even Top Gear mention it on their review so I guess I am lucky its not this spec! Guess I will play around with seat and see if I can get 'right'- thing is, I am average height too so cant be too far...
  4. Baz123

    Audi A3 sportback 'sport' discomfort

    This is my first official post- I have a question and really need to get some advise/help. I have a brand new audi A3 Sporback Sport (2.0TDI). The car itself is great- top end motoring and build etc. It was the first time I opted for an Audi as previously been driving VW's or Japanese makes...
  5. Baz123


    Hi All Just saying a hello to fellow forum members. I received my Audi A3 Sportback Sport in March this year (11 plate). I am sure I will be asking some questions on it as it is first time I have had an Audi and a sport model too.