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  1. PincherA6

    Audi A4 1.4 TFSI (MPG, Reviews, Performance)

    Hi I've had mine for over a year now as a cheap lease deal. A4 SE 1.4 Tfsi manual. Love the car and will miss it when it goes back next March. I don't drive it hard i have other cars for that. I use it for commuting and comfortable long journeys. Average 44-47 mpg to work 15 miles mix of town...
  2. PincherA6

    2010 A3 SB S Line Suspension

    Yes but when I'm looking for the correct shocks are they specific S Line or are SE/Sport/S Line all the same shocks. When checking the internet it is quite confusing and not many specifically mention the S Line. Colin.
  3. PincherA6

    2010 A3 SB S Line Suspension

    Hi all, Wifes A3 was in for Service recently and a few things were picked up that will need attention at some point soon. One of the rear shocks is leaking. Are the shocks on the A3s all the same? The car is a 2010 1.4 tfsi A3 Sportback S Line S-Tronic. I know the S Line has lower stiffer...
  4. PincherA6

    Front End Stone Chip Protection

    I had my TT Roadster done. Had it done by a company in Birmingham called Covertech. They do a lot for the Morgan factory. Payed £650 for pretty much the whole front end. TT is expensive as the bonnet is huge and I wanted the whole bonnet covered. Did a fantastic job and would use them again.
  5. PincherA6

    Midlands ASN Member List

    99. PincherA6 - TT Roadster and A3 1.4 tfsi SB 8P - Colin- Telford
  6. PincherA6

    Audi PCP and new cars

    Hi Guys, I know quite a few people on here have cars on PCP and have a lot more experience with them than me. I have a 14 plate 1.8 S-Line TT Roadster on PCP. Now when I come to renew my car I'm sure I'm not going to be able to have another TT Roadster for the same money as the new TT Roadster...
  7. PincherA6

    Fantasy Formula 1 2015 ASN League

    Just registered. Martin1 Racing. Colin
  8. PincherA6

    Fantasy Formula 1 2015 ASN League

    Hi. Will be registering later today. Colin
  9. PincherA6

    A3 stronic small issue

    No mine is a 7 speed S-tronic with paddle shift. It is booked in for this Thursday. Customer Satisfaction Campaign 34F4. Synthetic oil changed to Mineral oil. Cheers Colin
  10. PincherA6

    A3 stronic small issue

    Mine is out of warranty. This is a recall so it is all done free of charge. No warranty needed.
  11. PincherA6

    A3 stronic small issue

    Hi, I have a 2010 1.4Tfsi SB with S-Tronic and have recently had a letter from Audi reference a recall on the S-Tronic box. Requires oil change from synthetic to mineral or the other way round. Anyway my car is booked in to get this done (free of charge) there are other things done at the same...
  12. PincherA6

    Confused about what I need.

    Hi all. After tidying my garage I found a bottle of Autoglym SRP so am going to use this up before buying any black hole. My next question is can I use tye Nattys blue on my Misano red TT as well or will I need the Nattys Red. Then will the red work on the Lava Grey A3. Just trying to avoid...
  13. PincherA6

    Confused about what I need.

    Hi guys, Looking to give my Lava Grey A3 SB a bit of a clean and mini detail. Have read loads of things on various forums and am getting more confused the more I read. I know all the stuff about 2 bucket method and have recently bought a couple of grit guards. Got some Demon foam snow foam to...
  14. PincherA6

    Fantasy Formula 1 ASN League 2014

    Martin1 Racing same as last year.
  15. PincherA6

    Fantasy Formula 1 ASN League 2014

    Count me in too.
  16. PincherA6

    2010 A3 1.4Tfsi SB S Line

    Hi guys, Just a quick question. My A3 has a quite good spec and I originally thought it may have Bluetooth fitted so when the car was in the Audi dealer getting the rear screen replaced for bad radio reception with the HRW switched on I asked if they could check if BT was fitted. They told me...
  17. PincherA6

    Telford / Shropshire local meets ???

    Hi Guys, I'm in Telford too. Got an A3 1.4Tfsi S Line SB and ordered a TT Roadster last weekend but keeping the A3. Cheers Colin
  18. PincherA6

    Fantasy Formula 1 ASN league 2013

    Hi All, First year at this. Team Name - Martin1 Racing Driver A - Webber Driver B - Raikonnen Chassis - Lotus Engine - Mercedes Joker Race - Singapore Colin
  19. PincherA6

    A3 Sportback rear door blinds

    I have them on my 2010 S-Line SB too.
  20. PincherA6

    Wheel bolts for steel wheels

    Hi All, Just trying to find out if anybody can tell me the size of the wheel bolts I need for my 2010 S-Line SB. Changing my 18" alloys for 16" steelies (complete wheels from Mytyres). The wheels are at my tyre fitters and I'm going to pick them up later but if I can get some bolts in the...