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    Quarter Mile Times.. who has slips in a S3?

    2002 A3 Turbo - FWD K04 Turbo APR K04 software ECS stage 1 clutch and flywheel FK Silverline Coilovers 18x8 RS4 rims GFB Stealth FX that's about it, stock intake, stock exhaust.
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    1/4 mile times ?

    14.99 first time out. 2002 A3T FWD - APR98/104 DPP
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    A3 Sub Woofer Upgrade

    Thanks for the info Andy, I was looking at the pictures and i just realised, i have nowhere to hide the amp. The pics show it hidden behind the rear left panel. The only problem is, my car is a 5 door A3 :-( there is a door where you have the amp located. Any ideas as to where i can hide the...