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    electric tailgate issues

    I dont stop it it just wont go up could a slight battery drain cause it as it mainly seems to be if it has been sat overnight
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    electric tailgate issues

    Thanks VW754. Can the struts or one of the gas struts just jamm or something and free up. When it does jam and i try and lift it manually it is very very tight and almost feels u may break something.
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    electric tailgate issues

    doesnt seem to be a patern on mine.
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    electric tailgate issues

    Hi there i have 2007 Q7 sline. It has the power tailgate but very very occasionally when you release with the remote or the button it will just pop it but not lift it or go down again. But rights itself after almost every time. Any ideas would be appreciated. It now fine again till next time...
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    Ipod connectiion

    I have 2007 Q7 Sline and was wondering if there is a simple way of connecting my ipod. Someone mentioned there should be a connection in the centre armrest but i cant see anything other than a phone bluetooth holder that charges also.
  6. Z

    Q7 Not Starting Correctly

    Be interested to see some answers to this.:uhm:
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    Collected the Q7 on saturday, and already the mods have started..

    Very nice, tasteful mods too looks great.
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    New Q7 Owner

    Hi all iv got my Q7 at at last heres a pic it has side steps now though
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    New to the forum

    Hi all got myself a Q7 and love it heres a pic:beerchug: hope this is the correct way to add a pic.