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    B7 RS4 B7 Inlet Manifold needed urgently!

    I'm not 100% on this (as it was quite a while ago) but when I took mine in for a carbon clean at MRC tuning I'm pretty sure they took mine out and remapped it to tell the system it wasn't there any more. Might be worth having a chat with them to see what they can do.
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    B7 Pagid Pads

    Well over half the price of Audi then. Where did you get them from mate?
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    B7 Pagid Pads

    How much were the Brembo pads Chris?
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    B7 RS4 Oil Cooler and Lines

    I had the same on mine a while ago. The pipes had pretty much welded themselves to the cooler because of the different metals. I kept the old cooler and pipes just in case I found somewhere that could repair them. I spoke to the guy who runs my local garage and he has taken them to be repaired...
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    RS4 B7 EPC light coming on

    Thanks Dave. I'll have a good dig around in it tomorrow and see what I can find. Been looking all over the net to try and find more on it
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    RS4 B7 EPC light coming on

    Hi all, Im having a problem with my B7 RS4 (2006). I have had it three times now where I have gone to pull away and the car has all of a sudden felt like one of the coil packs has gone and the EPC light comes on and the ESP symbol comes on. The car will not go over 1500RPM and sounds like a...