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  1. Simon968

    Rear Wiper question.....

    I think that all of the rear wiper motors look the same physically, but the gearbox internals are different. The one on my A6 looked very like the one on my Mk1 Octavia. I have been over to Prestige Motor Service (A8Parts) and found them very helpful and also quite willing to negotiate on price.
  2. Simon968

    AC fan not running but Engine fan running when engine starts

    Possibly a fan controller fault? I had one fan come on and off at when it shouldn't have been running and stay on after the car was switched off. New ones are around £500 from Audi as they only come with the fan motor. Fortunately I found an aftermarket on on eBay for £90 without a motor and...
  3. Simon968


    My car came with almost new PZero Rossos on when I bought it. Wore the full set out in less than a year! Replaced with Kumho Ecsta LE Sports and transformed the car. Much cheaper, quieter, smoother ride and lasted twice as long too.
  4. Simon968

    Anyone looking for a Facelift 2.7TDI Avant?

    Winter wheels and tyres here;
  5. Simon968

    Anyone looking for a Facelift 2.7TDI Avant?

    My car is now on AutoTrader.
  6. Simon968

    Anyone looking for a Facelift 2.7TDI Avant?

    As SWMBO and I both work from home, we have decided that we don't really need three cars, so we've decided to sell two of them and buy one newer car. My 2009 A6 Avant in garnet red, with manual gearbox will be up for sale shortly and I'll post an ad in the Trading Post.
  7. Simon968

    3.0tdi Quattro with 2.0tdi back box

    Can't you stick with your originals and get some custom tailpipes fabricated?
  8. Simon968

    Car value

    Try but make sure you are sitting down first! I did with mine and wasn't impressed, although their offer was about the same as I was offered in part-ex against another car.
  9. Simon968

    Front suspension

    I've just had my top arms replaced. My indie had to remove the full assembly and then drill the bolt out. Even heating the bolt with an induction heater wouldn't touch it.
  10. Simon968

    Quick one

    I don't know how much the genuine ones are new as I bought mine second hand off B5Nut. I think they may be about £15 each. If you have a look through B5Nut's build thread I think he has the part numbers there. I don't think TPS (Trade Parts Specialists) are on the web, they supply VAG parts to...
  11. Simon968

    Quick one

    Go for the genuine ones from TPS or the dealers. The aftermarket ones are too bright anyway (IMHO). They still flash when car does its bulb check, but don't give a bulb warning and the flash isn't as noticeable as they are not too bright.
  12. Simon968

    Audi a6 4f vcds scan

    Is it aux or supplementary heater? I can't remember which what mine says off hand without checking but it is an electric heater that is used on the diesels to heat the interior until the coolant reaches a certain temp. The Aux heater that B5 Nut is referring to is powered by fuel from the fuel...
  13. Simon968

    Windscreen washers

    Have you scanned the car for faults? Might point you in the right direction.
  14. Simon968

    Windscreen washers

    Long shot, but try unplugging the rear wiper motor and see if the front washers start to work again. I had a problem with an Octavia a few years back, the rear washer pipe leaked inside the wiper motor and I had the front wipers coming on and the headlamp washers squirting with the stalk in the...
  15. Simon968

    Headlight adjust

    There should be two plastic adjusters on each lamp which require an allen key to adjust. Does your car have xenon or halogen lights? If you have xenon and haven't done any work on the headlights, your self adjusters may not be working correctly.
  16. Simon968

    A6 Estate tyre size

    235 is too narrow for a Le Mans anyway I think. I'm sure they should be 255/35 x 19. The extra width would give you a bit more height in the sidewall too, but if you are finding the ride that bad you might want to consider going to 18" wheels from an S Line like mine with 245/40 x 18 tyres.
  17. Simon968

    Headlight Fitting Basics

    There probably is a procedure, these are German cars after all :sunglasses: I wouldn't put Loctite on the adjusters, you need them to be able to be moved. You will also need to keep putting the bumper on and off so that you can check the gap between it and the bottom of the lamp. I couldn't get...
  18. Simon968

    Headlight Fitting Basics

    I think it's just trial and error to get them aligned and then use Gupstergs guide for what the gaps should be. There should be enough friction between the lug on the lamp and the adjuster to allow you to tighten the bolts though.
  19. Simon968

    Quick one

    Don't your new ones fit the same way as the old ones on the brake and clutch?
  20. Simon968

    Quick one

    Looks great Kris. Where the did the pedal rubbers come from and are they are straight swap?